Civil War Project

Battle of Chancellorsville. By- AJ Matos

Setting, April 30th- May 6th

This battle took place in Spotsylvania, Virgina.

This was ultimately a Confederate victory.

Union outnumbered Confederate 130000 to 60000

Confederates Vs Union

commander of the north was a man named general Ambrose E. Burnside. Along side Gereral Josesph Hooker. South had General Lee of course and Jackson Stonewall (K.I.A)

Hookers troops will lose about 18000 troops and his enemy 13000. Many more wounded.


This was key in for Confederates because the land obtained from victory was on top of a hill side where they could see the whole Union army. Which is a strategic upper hand in the war. The Battle of Chancecellorsville was the bloodiest in American history. On account of all the veterans, The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Craine was Published on accounts of those who fought in it, for honor