Louis XIV

Ruler of France

Four Accomplishments

Louis was a big fan of art, poetry, & theater, he strongly backed these creators. As a result of this art flourished.

He assumed control of the national budget and carefully kept track of the state and his treasury, he even managed to reduced taxes.

He didn't go to war very often, but when he did he claimed land for France.

When Spain's ruler died the land went to the heir but at the time was to young to rule, so Louis took control of their government and when the time came returned it to the heir.

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Four Negitives

As protestant faith grew Louis tried to eradicate them due to their beliefs.

Although he was good at managing the treasury, he was selfish. He had a giant extravagant place built which crippled the economy.

When he became ruler he destroyed the normal traditional way of ruling and made France a monarchy.

He didn't like listening to others and wouldn't take advice, he did what he thought was best.

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Family Life and Religion

Louis had many wives which ended in many different ways, he had 11 children but due to his lasting reign none became rulers, it fell to his grandson Philippe d'Anjou. Louis was very against Protestantism and Roman Catholics. But was very strongly christian.
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