Weekly Geekly

November 5, 2019

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State of the Chromebooks

Hey, remember those adapters that were added this summer to the chromebook cords, to keep the charging cords from breaking off in the devices? The look like the pic below.

Kids are now taking these off and throwing them away. Please try to keep your kids from doing that. Thanks!

Broken- none


*Thanks for your patience as we dealt with the broken elevator issue last week.

Shoutout to Dakota Davis!

Dakota is earning Blazer Buttons all over the place (and all while planning a wedding). Her next Button earns her $15 in school supplies!
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Social Media Apps

Having trouble keeping up with the current social media apps? Here is a list of apps that some of our kids are using, and what they do.

Did you Miss Tech or Treat?

If you missed our fun Tech--or-Treat last week in the library, You can find a presentation here that has all the links that we explored.

Podcast Follow Up

The FISD Communications Department is asking that anyone wanting to start a podcast please complete this form to let them know about it. This applies to all staff AND STUDENTS!
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