Stevenson Bulletin

September 19, 2016 Edition


Playground - Bell, Sardena, Kearns, B. Doherty

Flagpole - Bozovich

Crossing Guard (Ballard/Luther Lane) - DiGennaro

Crossing Guard (Capitol Drive) - Lay

Parking Lot - Rodriguez

Breakfast 1 - Gusak

Breakfast 2 - Valentine

Calendar of Events

Observations/pre-conferences/post-conferences will not appear on the Calendar of Events

Monday 9/19:

7:30 - Costco visit

7:50 - IEP Meeting

8:30 - PBIS Assembly

9:10 - Charlesworth Universal

9:45 - Kuhlmann Universal

10:15 - Camacho Universal

10:45 - Senatore Universal

12:15 - Gonzalez Universal

1:00 - Administrator Visit

2:20 - Kleisch Universal

5-6pm - Adult ESL Classes (Library, Room 115, Room 210)

Tuesday 9/20:

All Day - Dual Language Cohort

8:40 - Lange Universal

9:10 - Younan Universal

9:45 - Fryman Universal

10:15 - Nesse Universal

10:45 - Sheldon Universal

12:50 - Grodin Universal

1:50 - Magee Universal

2:20 - Fishman Universal

6:30 - 1st Grade Literacy/Math Night

Wednesday 9/21:

Student Pictures

7:50 - IEP Meeting

4:00 - DLC

6:30 - PTO Open House

Thursday 9/22:

7:50 - IEP Meeting

1:15 - Fire Drill

Friday 9/23:

7:50 - Yellow Team Meeting

8:40 - Oros Universal

10:45 - Sardena Universal

12:50 - Banas Universal

1:20 - Goeppinger Universal

1:50 - Bell Universal

2:20 - Freeman Universal


Monday 10/10 - NO School

Wednesday 10/12 - NO School

Friday 10/14 - Movie Night

Wednesday 10/19 - SIP Day

Thursday 10/20 - CiCi's Night

Message from Matt - Digital Learning Coach

Are you looking for a tool that will increase student engagement while serving as a means of formative assessment? Well with Kahoot, creating and sharing free, fun learning games for any subject and age has never been easier! You can either browse and use the over 9 million public Kahoots available, or you can create your own by choosing from a quiz, discussion, or survey, and adding in text, images, and even videos. Student sign-in is as simple as typing in your assigned pin and pressing enter to join. You can access student responses immediately, and even save the results to Google Drive. Kahoot is accessible through phones, tablets, Chromebooks, or any device that has a web browser and an Internet connection. If you aren’t 1:1 don’t worry, there’s even a team mode that promotes collaboration, teamwork, and leadership skills. Please see or email Matt Tombs at to learn more about this technology tool.

Accessing Eureka Math SMART Notebook Files from the Intranet
Importing Eureka Math SMART Notebook files into ActivInspire

FIRE DRILL - Thursday @ 1:15

Please review procedures with students
Administrative Visit - Monday @ 1:00pm

District and school administrators will be visiting our school on Monday at 1:00. There will also be two other school visits later this year. A Board of Education member may also join us during a visit to our school this year, and I will let you know who will be with me for the tours.

The purpose for the visits is to get a whole-school perspective on instruction and to observe the many positive things happening in classrooms and the District. If we come to your classroom, we will stay for up to five minutes. During the upcoming school visit, we look for some of the following elements of effective teaching:

  • Safety: The classroom is safe, and students have equal access to learning activities
  • Objectives: The lesson has a clear purpose
  • Teaching: Instructional groupings, activities, and assignments are aligned with student needs
  • Engagement: There is active intellectual engagement by most students
  • Learning: Questions and assessments are used effectively

When we visit, please continue with what you and your students are doing as we want to be minimally disruptive to your instruction and environment. We look forward to seeing the many positive things happening in our school.

Social Club and PTO

If you haven't done so already, please join the Stevenson Social Club and Parent-Teacher Organization :)

See Pamela for PRI Kits (

Teachers are assessing all students in grades 1-6 to determine the appropriate Placement Reading Inventory (PRI) level.

One District One Author

Kick-off Assembly - Monday, 9/26

Information coming soon!!

Social Conflict and Bullying Seminar

The Difference Between Normal Social Conflict and True Bullying, and How to Respond to Each
MaineStay Youth and Family Services Community Education Seminar
Tuesday, September 20, 2016

7:00-8:30 PM
Maine Township Town Hall
1700 Ballard Road, Park Ridge

Clever Ideas to Spark Independent Reading by Kids (please click on link to download the article)