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Week of February 17, 2014

Important Dates

No School

February 17th - Presidents' Day

March 14th-Teacher Inservice Day

April 14-21st-Spring Break

Thank you! We appreciate your patience with the OLS connectivity issues that occured earlier this week.

To Update or Not to Update…..Java

With the recent update to Blackboard, the question remains do we update java now or not? It is recommended that we hold off one more week before updating; however, if you have already updated it is no big deal. There is no need to reinstall an older version.

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Mid Term Reminder

Term 4, your mid term is February 18th. Make sure that you are within the 40%-50% progress mark in all courses. If you are struggling, please contact me! Remember, I'm here to help :)

Coming Up In February

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Are you a fan of Pinterest? If not, now might be the time to become one. We have our own K12 International Academy page with several Lower School boards. Come take a peek!

Student Corner

Weekly Riddle

Riddle of the Week:

Why was the math book unhappy?

Last Week’s Riddle:

Q. Which month has 28 days?

A. All of them, of course!

Send your guesses to me or wait until next week for the answer :)

Journal Topic

In honor of President's Day Monday, write about the following topic:

If I were President, I would….

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Animal Facts

Gorilla Facts

Gorillas are endangered species that are constantly under threat from disease and commercial hunting. Their importance is further enhanced by the fact that they are close relatives to humans, sharing around 98% of the same DNA.
  • There are only about 700 mountain gorillas and they live high in the mountains in two protected parks in Africa. Lowland gorillas live in central Africa.

  • You may have seen baby gorillas being carried on the back of their mothers, but for the first few months after birth the mother holds the baby gorilla to her chest.
  • An adult male gorilla is called a silverback because of the distinctive silvery fur growing on their back and hips. Each gorilla family has a silverback as leader who scares away other animals by standing on their back legs and beating their chest!
  • Young male gorillas usually leave their family group when they are about 11 years old and have their own family group by the age of 15 years old. Young female gorillas join a new group at about 8 years old.
  • Gorillas are herbivores. They spend most of their day foraging for food and eating bamboo, leafy plants and sometimes small insects. Adult gorillas can eat up to 30 kilograms of food each day.
  • An adult gorilla is about 1 meter tall to their shoulders when walking on all fours using their arms and their legs.
  • A gorilla can live for 40 – 50 years.
  • Gorillas are considered to be very intelligent animals. They are known for their use of tools and their varied communication. Some gorillas in captivity at a zoo have been taught to use sign language.
  • Gorillas are endangered animals. Their habitat is destroyed when people use the land for farming and the trees for fuel. Gorillas are also killed by poachers and sometimes get caught in poacher’s snares meant for other animals.

Woot Woot

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Picture of the Week

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