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July 2014-You will need a Google Doc account to visit links.

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Welcome Back Ram Faculty & Staff!

We hope that you are enjoying your summer vacation and return well rested for the 2014-2015 school year. Over the summer, there have been many exciting advances that have been made such as new carpet and fresh paint throughout the building, the hiring of over 20 new Ram family members, the expansion of the iPad Program, over 40 staff members participated in national professional learning conferences, and outstanding PLC planning work focused on “the right work.”

We are continuing to review our data points from the past year, and have shown improvement and learning gains in reading, mathematics, and history. We earned 29 more points on the assessment portion of the school grade than in the past 2 years. We also have been designated a Five Star School for the second year in a row based on business partnerships, volunteerism, family involvement, student community involvement, and our School Advisory Council participation. We have been pleased with the student participation in our Extended School Year, Algebra Boot Camp, Peer Mentor, and iPad Program, which will set the foundation for academic success. Bottom line, all of our successes are built on the foundation of Ridgewood High School, the power of our people!

For the 2014-15 school year in order to streamline our work, we have aligned our school-wide structures to reflect our purpose as a learning organization: Safety, Learning, and Pride! There will be a work group for each area that will review data, set goals/expectations, develop action plans, monitor progress, and celebrate successes, etc. These groups will provide a forum for staff member input in order to guide our work towards accomplishing our school-wide goals. Click the link to gain a deeper understanding of each of the groups' purpose, role, and potential measures. With this reorganization, the leadership structure has also been included.

We will continue our focus on PLCs as the vehicle for content area collaboration through rigorous standards-based lesson planning and the development of common assessments (FS/NGSSS), student progress monitoring, and evidence-based reading and writing through a school-wide approach to AVID’s Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, and Critical Reading best practices/strategies (Cornell Notes, Marking the Text, Philosophical Chairs/Socratic Seminar, Quick Writes to Reflect on Learning). This year will bring more changes in the assessment realm as each course will have an End of Course exam (state or district generated). We are continuing to gather information to provide you but it is recommended that you visit the new Florida Standards Assessment website. Through a commitment to the right work in PLCs, we know that our students will be prepared for college, career, and life.

We look forward to your official return as we truly believe in the power of our people to MAKE IT MATTER through G.R.I.T. because LEARNING is the only option at Ridgewood High School!

Proud to be a Ram!

The Admin. Team ~ Angie, Alicia, Fatima, Heather, and Tisha

Welcome to all of our new hires to the RAM Family!

  • Tina Anfuso, Secretary. Sharing with CAES 3-days per week and will be working with Student Services/Receptionist.
  • Jodi Casale, Reading. Coming from CRES to join our team as an 11/12 reading teacher.
  • Michael Cheetham, JROTC. Coming from Arkansas to join our team as the Senior Naval Science Instructor.
  • Krista Cozzens, Student Services. Coming from New York to join our team as the Class of 2018 counselor.
  • Antonio Emperator, Student Services. Coming from Hillsborough HS to join our team as the Class of 2017 Graduation Coach.
  • Katrice Ewanich, ESE IA. Coming from Pinellas and the University of AL to join our ESE team as a transition assistant/instructional assistant. She is also the new boys’ and girls’ swim coach.
  • Joyce Gamble, Clinic Assistant. Coming from Arizona to join the Student Services team.
  • Nicole Graziano, Student Services. Coming from Pinellas (Carwise MS) and PA to join our team as the Class of 2017 counselor.
  • Daniell Grubbs, Social Studies. Coming from SLHS to join our team as a World History teacher and work with the iPad Project.
  • Corporal Brian Hernandez, SRO. Coming from road patrol to join the SRO unit at RHS.
  • Andrew Hunter, Math. Coming from Melbourne to join our team as an Algebra 1 teacher.
  • Julie Lovett, School Nurse. Coming from the east side of Pasco to join the Student Services team 3-days per week.
  • Lydia Martinez, ESE IA. Coming from RES as an IA to join our ESE team as a transition assistant/instructional assistant. She is an RHS alumni!
  • Leah Mendenhall, ESE. Returning to RHS as Co-ESE Department Head and English VE teacher.
  • Andrew Morrow, PIC. Coming to RHS 1-day per week as a Parent Involvement Coordinator, shared with CAES, CHMS.
  • Lorraine Pioszak, ESE. Returning to RHS as a VE teacher in Math, Science, & English.
  • Mark Rubin, Science. Coming from Anclote High School to join our team as a Biology teacher.
  • Jennifer Spicer, Reading/AVID. Returning to RHS as a Reading 9/10 and AVID 1 & 3 Elective teacher.
  • Rachel Surrency, Science. Returning to RHS as a Physical Science and Biology teacher.
  • Matt Titus, Technical Subjects. Returning to RHS as the Robotics and Intro to Info Technology teacher, Assistant Football Coach.
  • Daisy Tomassini, Speech & Language. Coming from Lake City, FL to join our team as a Speech & Language Pathologist.

We anticipate having a full staff on the first day of planning, but if you know some quality individuals that might be interested in the following open positions, please encourage them to apply.

Open positions: 1 VE-Science, 2 EBD Teachers, Math 6-12, Mini-contract Reading Quarter 1

2014-2015 Teaching Assignments & Locations

We have also been working to match the master schedule with student requests. Please see the schedule with tentative assignments based on this preliminary schedule. Adjustments will be needed as conflicts are identified, classes balanced, and new students register. You will be contacted if the subjects you are teaching changes due to these modifications. We hope that you understand that our decisions have the best interest of our students in mind.

Important Reminders & Updates

1. PHOTOS NEEDED: To help welcome everyone back, please email a summer photo by August 8 to Angie Murphy at representing what MATTERS to you this summer. We want to draw connects with our summer activities as we start the new year.

2. REVIEW & RSVP: the RAM U 9th Grade Orientation duty schedule (August 7), Grades 10-12 Orientation duty schedule (August 12) and complete the RSVP for Panera Lunch by Friday, August 8, noon.

3. The second Moving/Set Up Day is Monday, August 4th from 8:30AM to 12:30PM. Please report to Cathy Tezber, Principal’s Secretary to check-in.