Joseph Rogers Primary School

March 30, 2015

What Great Teachers Do Differently

Todd Whitaker visited our school system about 10 years ago and did a motivational talk on what teachers do that make a difference in their classrooms. It was a very enlightening day and I read his book following the inservice. I picked up that book again this week. His words began to make me think.

What you do everyday matters. It matters to your students. It matters to their parents. It matters to you. It matters to me. I want to work in an environment where people love what they do, they believe in what they do and they strive to do better every day. I hope this is the kind of environment that you want to work in also.

Todd Whitaker has many great ideas for what sets people apart and what sets great teachers apart. Sometimes we lose sight of why we are here and our attitudes begin to impede our work day. As I was rereading this book last week, the chapter Ten Days Out of Ten stood out. The premise of this chapter is to take a positive approach 10 days out of 10. In other words, every day. Whitaker says "effective teachers treat everyone with respect, every day". How are you treating those you work with? How are you treating the students you work with? We only have 8 more weeks of school to make an impact on those we teach and those we teach with. How will you be spending those 8 weeks?

I know this has been a difficult year with many changes. Many have taken those changes in stride and have worked to still be that positive force in your classroom. Thank you.

One last thought from Todd Whitaker as you begin this week. Even if everyone is treated with dignity and respect we may not have anything special, but I can assure you that if everyone is NOT treated with dignity and respect we will NEVER have anything special. Your actions in the hall, in meetings and in your classroom go with you everywhere you go. Certainly food for thought.

I hope you enjoy this short week of school and have a wonderful Easter next Sunday.


Calendar of Events

fun times at jrp

March 30-March 31 - Book Fair

March 31- PreK state inspections

April 1 - AR celebration; scheduling committee; fundraising committee

April 2 - popcorn and drink in the afternoon; Board meeting at Volunteer High School, 6:00 in commons area

April 3 - Good Friday

April 9 - Parent Teacher Conferences 3:15-6:15

April 10 - cap and gown pictures (prek and 2nd)

April 15 - faculty meeting

May 1 - 2nd grade parent involvement; 1st grade field trip

May 4 - 2nd grade field trip; friends at play visit kindergarten; begin AIMSweb benchmarks; grade level benchmarks in Math and ELA

May 8 - Kindergarten registration; kindergarten dismiss early

May 13 - safety/career day

May 14 - Kinder to Bright's Zoo; PreK Briarwood Safari; 2nd to HES for a visit

May 15 - Kindergarten registration; kindergarten dismiss early

May 18 - PreK graduation

May 19 - field day

May 20 - AR field trip to Bays Mountain

May 21 - End of Year programs

May 22 - retirement breakfast

*some dates are tentative and subject to change; if there are any dates to add to the list please let me know


The best thing about being a teacher is that it matters. The hardest thing about being a teacher is that it matters every day.

-Todd Whitaker

I hope what you are doing with your students is important enough to matter every day.