Cave Lion

Long live the Cave Lion!

About Leah

The Cave lion is a beautiful animal, I call this Cave lion Leah because Leah is a fun and wild name. Leah had a shoulder height around 1.5 meters and around 5 foot from toe to shoulder. It’s body length may be as long as 2.8 meters around 9 feet without the tail. She is not a fast runner, but she can break through her prey, through the bite on the back of their neck.

Information that YOU really want to know

The latin name "Panthera" belongs to a family of Felidae. Sadly their cause of extinction happened when new predators increased, which was mostly early humans and wolves during the cenozoic quaternary era and time period.

Some pictures of the Cave lion

Cave lions were special

Remember Leah and the Cave lions!!!!!!!

Leah must have had a wondrous journey but now in this time period the tigers and leopards are remembering the Cave lions and Leah.

European Cave Lion