Do you think Discovery College students are Individual?

What is individuality?

"Individuality is a particular character, or aggregate of qualities, that distinguishes one person or thing from others; sole and personal nature." (C, L. L. (n.d.). Retrieved September 23, 2015, from

Individuality at Discovery College

According to my observations, the students at Discovery College are conformists, not individuals. There aren't really anyone that is an individual. Of course, some people will be slightly different from others, but overall, their actions, their speech is most often very similar to others.

Why are people scared to be an individual?

Try to walk around your school. Do you spot someone that has a personality that is different from others? Often, the answer is no. People often have similar personalities, or their actions are very similar to what others are doing. Of course, there are some people that are slightly different from others, but in general, they are extremely similar in their actions. But have you ever asked yourself, why do people have similar personalities? Can't they be different? The answer is, that some people are afraid to be different from others. They are afraid that others will laugh at what they do. They know that if you are the same as others, then they would not be laughed at.

One Golden Rule

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How can being individual affect others around you?

Being individual is a hard step to take. You have to consider lots of things, like friends, family, classmates etc. If you are being individual, others might think what you do are weird, and started turning their backs on you. Your friends will be affected this way. They might feel pressured by the rumours about you and might not like this pressure. This can relate to peer pressure as well. If they don't like being pressured, they might go find another friend that is not an individual like you are. Remember, a true friend will always be by your side, no matter how others see you.

Who can be affected when you are being an individual?

Lots of people can be affected when you decide to be an individual. Your friends, for instance, is probably one of the most affected person. They will be effected because your classmates might laugh and jeer at what you do, and your friend might feel pressured and pretend you are not her friend. You classmates can also be affected by your individuality, because the other classes might laugh at your class for having an individual in the class.