Know The Audience

By: Jaydah

What does this mean?

This law means to be familiar with the people you're presenting to.


The purpose of "Know The Audience" is to know how you will be presenting.

What the law looks and sounds like:

If you know your audience, you will be able to go up there prepared on how you sound like and what you're talking about. For example: If you know that you're presenting in front of a younger audience, you will be prepared to use more simple choice of words and eye catching images that your audience will enjoy and pay more attention to. If you know you're presenting in front of a older aged group, you'll know to be prepared for a more formal and well practiced speech.

Knowing your audience can also help how you will present yourself as well . You can decide if you're going to dress formal or casual depending on your audience.

Advice and Tips:

  • My best advice would be, be aware and ask who you will be presenting to.
  • I would also practice your speech to people who are the same age as your specific audience so you can get feedback.