Social Phobia

By: Natalia R

What is Social Phobia?

Social Phobia is a anxiety problem where shyness and self-consciousness builds into fear.

Signs and Symptoms

-avoiding social situations

-freezing up in social situations

-feeling afraid and nervous in social situations

-extreme shyness when it comes to meeting/talking to new people



-racing heart

How does it affect someone?

-Not talking much to people

-Feeling lonely or disappointed over missed opportunities

-Not getting the most out of school

-Not taking chances

-Missing a chance to share talent and learning new skills

How it's diagnosed?

A doctor and family will help find out what the victim has

How is it treated?

-Family and therapist will help the victim to interpret the fear

-Support from the family and friends

-make small goals for them self (Make sure to encourage them to do so)

Slowly helping them grow confidence and help the victim a lot

Interesting Facts

-Certain genetics can increase the chance of having Social Phobia

-Even using a public bathroom can trigger the anxiety

-The social phobia can change from person to person

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