By : John Green


It may seem like a classic cliché tale about a girl and a boy, but "The Fault In Our Stars" is anything but that. Hazel has had cancer in her lungs since she was 13, and her friend Isaac is loosing the only eye he has left. Hazel doesn't expect much from life up until she meets Augustus Waters. Augustus turns Hazel's life upside down, and shows her it is possible to love infinitely. Isaac is blind, Hazel still has cancer, and Augustus has one leg, but everything is okay. For them, everything is normal. Everything is normal up until Hazel and Augustus go to Amsterdam, and Hazel learns things and realizes maybe her life with Augustus won't be as long as she thought it would be.

You should read this book becaus...

  1. It is a one of a kind story.
  2. It is nothing like you have ever read before.
  3. It opens your eyes to what some people's lives are actually like.
  4. Hazel and Augustus are the wittiest teenagers you will ever get to know.
  5. Its a story that makes you realize just how precious your life is, and how fast it can change.
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Augustus, Hazel, and Isaac