MORE4U -March 2015

Magazine Ort Rehovot in English 4 U- Digital Edition - Trial

A word from the editors March 2015

Dear Readers,

Publishing a newspaper is not an easy thing to do, and deciding what to put in can be the most difficult part. We think this magazine can be a great way for you to share your feelings and interests. This issue of More4U includes some of the best and most exciting work yet! We would like you to send more of your work- essays, poems, stories, jokes or any ideas you have that you would like to share. We hope you have a good time reading and enjoy every item in this magazine as we did. To those who contributed to this edition: KEEP UP WITH THE GREAT JOB YOU ARE DOING! We cannot close this letter without thanking our special Teaching Fellows: Netanya and David who have become a vital part of our English teaching team!

This is a trial to publish the school magazine online.

Gooooooooooood Morning!