Music Lyrics

Censored or Non-Censored?

Why They Should Be Censored

Music lyrics should be censored around little children that repeat what they hear because they might end up going out in public somewhere or to a formal/ important event with they guardians and might end up saying explicit things, making the family seem like they are bad influences on the child.


The public feels that major record labels who produce hip-hop music are making or seeking to make an excessive or unfair profit from racial, sexual, and socioeconomic exploitation. Music lyrics should be censored not in the intent of downcast the creativity put into each song, but to moderate the filth of modern day life.

Why They Should Be Non-Censored

The reason why lyrics should not be censored is because it's the way some music artist express their selves through their lyrics and if you take that away from them then you would be taking away their freedom of speech in the first amendment.


After a tragic event or anything that affected the world in some type of way, the people automatically thinks that a song is talking about the situation and tried to band it. Most the time the song doesn't even be about it.