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How a Prize Wheel Can Make a Difference in a Nursing Home

Taking work in a nursing home can be some of the most rewarding, or draining, encounters of one's life. It requires a really unique person to perform the responsibilities of a certified staff nurse s helper, licensed practical nurse, activities director, or physical therapist without forgetting that the patient is a human being.

Some of the most important experiences that a person in a nursing home's staff should experience is team building exercises to enhance communication and develop long-lasting bonds. Caretakers often must collaborate with a broad variety of medical professionals on an usual basis. Without a healthy working relationship and powerful communication between professionals, the health care of the patient will endure.

A prize wheel may be the ideal complement to a dose of compassion by injecting fun into one of the most draining, emotionally depressing workplaces in the nation.

These amazing tools can even be used to complement speech therapy by providing an opportunity to patients to practice their linguistic skills in identifying images placed in the slots around the spin wheel. A small prize wheel pleasure can help relieve suffering during tough, generally life changing experiences, even for those residents with no cognitive impairments. Remember, not everyone in a nursing home is affected by a type of dementia or preparing for the great beyond. Some unfortunate people are sitting in a nursing home with debilitating injuries which range from a severed spinal cord to serious head injury. Often, these persons are younger than forty years old.

An American made prize wheel can even be used to divide duties amongst Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) by placing each nursing assistant's name into a slot in the prize wheel and spinning the wheel every time a new job arises. When pressing jobs present themselves this application, however, should not be considered. In a medical emergency, every second counts. Using a *tiny common sense with 1's prize wheel can go a long way.

Many staff members at nursing homes enjoy giving gifts to residents on birthdays and around the holiday season. With a prize wheel, deciding which worker purchases gifts for which resident can be fun and non-profit at the same time! Actually, participating in such an action can have strong team building effects.

For those who feel that operating at a nursing home is an opportunity to help others, a prize wheel and a little compassion can make all the difference.

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