Human Resources

All you need to know

A basic overview

A human resources department is an important component of employee well-being in all businesses, no matter how small. HR responsibilities include payroll, benefits, hiring and firing. It is also important that HR departments provide advice and support to the employees within the business.

Human Resource Management

Skills Needed

  • Decisive thinker - Able to analyse information quickly and use it to make decisions.
  • Skilled influencer - Able to gain commitment from different areas of a business in order to benefit the organisation.
  • Personally credible - Expert in both HR and commercial issues, and takes a professional approach.
  • Collaborative - Able to work well with a range of people both within and outside of the business.
  • Driven to deliver - Focused on delivering best possible results for the organisation, and shows determination, resourcefulness and a sense of desire to achieve this.
  • Courage and challenge - Has the courage and confidence to speak up and will challenge others even when met with resistance or unfamiliar circumstances.
  • Role model - Leads by example.
  • Curious - An inquisitive, open-minded type, who seeks out new ways to support the development of the organisation.