Atalanta the Fastest of Them All

By: Chris Cho

Atalanta and the Golden Apples

Atalanta's father was king Iasus of Arcadia. He abandoned Atalanta in a cave. A hunter soon found her and raised her as his own. when Atalanta grew up she was as light footed as a doe and can outrun a deer. The hunter finally told Atalanta that she was the daughter of King Iasus. When Atalanta finally met him Iasus told her that she should get married. Atalanta said that she would only marry someone who could beat her in a race, but if they lost they would be executed. Many people tried and failed. But a peasant named Melanion challenged her and won with the help of Aphrodite's (goddess of love) golden apples. Both Melanion and Atalanta did not thank Aphrodite so she turned them into lions.

Family Tree

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Interveiw With Atalanta and Melanion

Me: So, what happened to you and Melanion after you got turned into lions?

Atalanta: We pleaded to the Gods but they wouldn't turn us back into humans.

Melanion: Yes, we pleaded for weeks but we got no answer.

Me: Atalanta, can you describe the race for me?

Atalanta: It was exhilarating. Melanion threw that last apple so far away he had time to get to the finish line just barely before him.

Melanion: I thought I finished way before you.

Atalanta: Oh please, that was five thousand years ago.

Me: Atalanta, how did it feel growing up as a hunter?

Atalanta: It was hard work but, it was also fun.

Me: What did you learn as a hunter?

Atalanta: I learned how to stalk prey, use a bow and arrow. But what I'm most proud of is that I learned respect for nature.

Me: Melanion, what name did you go by. Hippomenes or meanion.

Melanion: Over the years people created different names for me. The one I went by when I raced Atalanta was Melanion.

Me: One last question, how am I talking to you when both of you are lions? Also didn't You guys die 5,000 years ago?

Melanion/Atalanta: Umm. I don't know. well, see ya.

Atalanta's Symbols

Atalanta had many symbols but here are the main ones: golden apples and bows and arrows. The pictures of them are below.

Where Atalanta and Melanion traveled

Melanion came from the countrysides for Greece. Atalanta stayed in Arcadia where she was born. After Atalanta and Melanion married they went to the forests of Arcadia to hunt.

Comparing Atalanta with Usain Bolt: Similarities

  • They are both very fast
  • They are both known for their speed
  • Both of their lives did not start out so well
  • They both enjoy running
  • Both are in a relashionship

Comparing Atalalnta with Usain Bolt: Differences

  • Atalanta was born royal
  • Usain Bolt competed in the Olympics
  • Atalanta is trained to use a bow and arrow
  • Atalanta can stalk prey without being heard
  • Atalanta was abandoned by her father