South Leadership Forum

Day 1 & 2

2015 Wrap Up

Overall it was a great year with a couple of take aways for 2016.

Key takeaways.

  • Across the south, the buildings team was able to get (223) new customers.
  • The team completed (246) transitions to smartstruxture. The original goal was (180) and was revised up to (235)
  • The south lead in both the highest percentage of services as it relates to total revenue along with the highest level of upstream (ie by Schneider).

2016 Opportunities

Increase both utilization and gross margin across the south.

We don't want to undersell our value to our customers (ie give away services)

A couple of focus areas

  • Services - Analytics
  • Profitable Growth - By Schneider and return on our investments
  • Leadership Development - Quarterly check ins and development plans

War Cry 2016

Service Grown - 10% Year over Year Growth in Service Customers

Improve Profitability - 10% Year over Year Growth in SE Products

Leadership Development - 100% Development Plan completion for each employee

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Propel Team Presentations

Presentation #1 - Developing an effective onboarding process. Goal of developing an onboarding started kit along with a 6 month training plan.

Presentation #2 - Estimating consistency and efficient in estimating

Utilize learning center, estimating process and standards, de-scoping bid documents and using business metrics. The team also showed an estimating tracking tool

Presentation #3 - Social Media

eCards, a south branded email signature, links to social media, QR codes on parts with a link to a mobile product viewer and pre-loaded tablets with Schneider Electric information. Note: The QR code was very interesting. It would be located on part and able to bring up additional information.

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Development Planning

Due by March 31st (note, we have already started this). The development plan starts with the employee. It is part of the 3E approach - education, experience and exposure. Want to select the top 2-3 goals.

A good starting point is the competency review on Talentlnk.


2016 Ambitions

  • Revenue Growth
  • Service Star Enrollment
  • Remote Connections
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction


  • Invest in Talent
  • Expand Install Base Penetration
  • Drive Recurring Services
  • Develop Connected Services
  • Accelerate Transitions
  • Evolve Back Office


Good growth in revenue over the year.

Important topics

  • Accurate Metrics
  • Support Business Decisions



  • Safety Plan
  • PM Communication
  • PMDP Training for PM's and people on the PM path
  • Heart of Field Services Training
  • Development plan for Operations Employee
  • Customer Feedback - Surveys

Congradulations to Ron Holman - Top PM for the South and across SE Buildings in the US!

Feb 19th - Dallas War Cry at the Branch Meeting