K1 Weekly Updates

Maestra Hilary's Class

Thank You!

Thank you to all who were able to attend Back to School Night on Wednesday! I hope you got a better sense of what your child's year in K1 will look like. If you were unable to attend, please email me at h.levine@annelieseschools.com if you would like to schedule a meeting to go over anything you missed!


Letter of the Week- L

This week we jumped right into "Letter of the Week". Each week, we will focus on one letter. We brainstorm words that begin with this letter and complete projects and activities relating to this letter. You might be asking, why did we start with L? Wouldn't it make more sense to begin with A and go through the alphabet? Letter of the week corresponds with the sequence of letters taught in our Handwriting Without Tears program. In this program, the first letters taught are what are known as "top corner letters". These letters are typically the simplest to write, which is why we begin with letters like L, F, E, etc. We had LOTS of fun exploring the letter L this week! We made ladybugs and painted with legos! We also did some exploring in the garden, where we found leaves to make some beautiful leaf rubbings with oil pastels.


K1 students have enjoyed making patterns with various manipulatives in our classroom. We made colorful beaded pattern bracelets. K1 students also loved playing the "Pattern Copy Cat" game. Students pair up, and one partner begins by creating a pattern of colorful blocks. The other partner has to copy that pattern. Then the students switch!

Friends, Friends, Friends!

Our Second Step program is creating some caring, friendly and sensitive K1 students. It has been so lovely to watch the children out at recess inviting new friends to play or checking in on a friend who got a boo-boo. K1 students are continuing to practice following the listening rules--eyes watching, ears listening, voice quiet and body calm. Our puppet amigos Maria and Cristobal have been helping us practice every day! This Friday was our first Show and Tell (Bring a Favorite Book). Children did a wonderful job watching and listening to their friends while they were sharing. We also practiced putting up a quiet hand if we want to ask a question or make a comment about a friends' show and tell!

Next Week

Letter of the Week: F

Show and Tell: Family Photo

K1 Book List

At Back to School Night, a few parents were curious about what books are recommended for children in K1. Click the link below for a fabulous list of amazing books to read with your child this year--many of them are already in our classroom library!


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