Growth of Japanese Culture

A Golden Age of Literature and Drama

Japanese Writing System

Japan also adopted China's system of writing. Unlike English, Chinese characters can stand for specific objects and sometimes sounds. Japan's language is similar Korean.

Japanese Drama

The two most popular types of Japanese drama are kabuki and noh. Noh were often plays and variations of legends and folktales. Kabuki was dramatic singing combined with actors wearing a lot makeup. Almost NOH actors in NOH were women, but in kabuki NOH women were allowed to perform.

The Tale of Genji

The Tale Of Genji was written by Lady Murasaki Shibiku in the early 800s. It was the first story of its kind. Most stories before were collection of fables and myths, but this was the first realistic story with one main character.

Japanese Poetry

The most popular from of Japanese poetry is the haiku. The first and last line are 5 syllables long, and the second line is 7 syllables long. Masho Bashu was a famous poet in the 1600s.
Essential Question: What is unique about Japanese literature and drama?

Review: What new forms of literature and drama did the Japanese develop?

Essential Question: Japanese dramas kabuki and noh are still popular today, and The Tale of Genji was the first book of its kind.

Review Question: Kabuki and noh were the new types of drama, and stories about a realistic single character were also developed.