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If you have ever thought about an at home business, or direct sales, you NEED to check out Origami Owl!  This company is HOT and RISING!  There are new products being released through out the year, including BRACELETS this fall, and they are drawing attention of customers all over!  You would join an amazing community of designers, and recieve support beyond any expectations!  I would LOVE to help you build an amazing business that not only would allow you to make a little extra income but show you how to be a FORCE FOR GOOD!  That is what Origami Owl is all about!

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If you have any questions, or any interest at all in joining my team or learning more about Origami Owl PLEASE contact me!  You won't regret it!  Check out our products!  Learn about our amazing founder, Bella, who is only 14! Consider what a change this could possibly make in your life!

Kate Switalski

Origami Owl Independent Designer #17967