I'm Jett! Doing science stuff

This is about sharing and reflecting

Introduction to science 6

This is the science part

In science class we do....... You guessed it science stuff if you were wrong i'de have serious doubts about you... Back to the point in said class we have done things such as microscopes and fake advertisement buy our mini wallets.

Jett Oswald

I'm Jett I like puns,Pokemon,and swords I live in Tustin,CA and I do football. My two best friends Truman and Yoseph are cool too. Do you like the trendiest thing bottle flipping 'cause I don't it's weird. I also like monster hunter its awesome try it. I'm also in to weird thing like Japanese and Greek mythology (my favorite Greek God is Hephaestus God of fire and forging.) And that's some things about me thanks for reading.