2021 School Reopening: Now What?

Stretching Student Engagement and Motivation to a New Level

RESET Teaching and Learning with Updated Strategies for In-person AND Hybrid Instruction

Mode of operation Pre-March 13, 2020...Do any of these look familiar?

  • Worksheets and more worksheets: Are students retaining information and gaining transferrable skills or just finishing the assignment?
  • Standardized Test-Prep Lessons: Are they effective? Looking for more engaging methods?
  • Lecture-focused Instruction: Are students tuned in?
  • Lengthy homework assignments resulting in...
  • ...excessive grading time. S.T.R.E.T.C.H. offers strategies for authentic on-the-spot assessment and evidence of learning.
  • Behavior referrals/removal from classroom/suspensions: But then...who bears the burden of getting students caught up and back on track upon return?
  • Textbook dependence: Learn how to support struggling readers who are motivated, inspired and have a desire to learn but...
  • Sleepy, tired, disengaged students: Let's wake them up with "get-up-and-move" learning activities! (ALL grade levels)

Characteristics of a Post-Pandemic Classroom RESET

  • Student self-assessment and peer assessment resulting in...
  • ...fewer hours spent grading.
  • Engaging, non-traditional teaching methods and strategies
  • Physical movement in the classroom at all levels
  • More interaction...less photocopying
  • Successfully diffusing behavior challenges while in class. No referral needed.
  • Effectively utilizing the textbook as a resource, not a teaching strategy. Remember struggling readers?
  • Navigating and re-thinking the homework dilemma--Still relevant and purposeful but...learn how to assign value and utilize effectively while reducing grading time.

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