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"Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom." --Roger Bacon

Active Learning

Remember the days when learning was just the teacher giving information and you were expected to simply absorb it? Or the quiet classrooms where only the instructor spoke and the students sat, quiet and listening? Well, learning today is a far cry from those still, passive environments of yesteryear. Today, most classroom are lively, vibrant places of learning where students are expected to learn by doing. Active manipulation of information helps student to both retain and understand content than by just listening alone. In the foreign language classroom, this is no different. Students are expected to use the language in meaningful ways, by reading, writing, listening, and talking, talking, talking! We do various oral activities in class frequently, and very often students earn points for their participation and effort. Please speak to your student and ensure that they are actively engaged in the learning process, and are participating frequently. This will help boost their grade and better help them learn the language.

Active Studying

Just like active learning, studying should also be an "active" process where your student is doing something. In the article above, using flashcards is mentioned as a great way for students to learn actively. On my website, under the chapter resources tab for either subject, each chapter has a link to flashcards that students can use to study vocab. Vocab is the first most important part of learning a language, so studying flashcards is an effective way for students to practice and retain information. Flashcard resources can be found under the heading "Study & Learn" and the link will take them directly to Quizlet where flashcards have already been prepared for them to study with.

Homework E-Alerts: CORRECTION!

In the last issue, it was stated that there was a "subscribe" button located underneath the homework calendar. However, that information was incorrect. Rather, there is a green button called "iCal" located in the upper right-hand corner of the homework calendar page. Click on that button to find instructions on how to sync the homework calendar with your own personal calendar. Any changes to the homework calendar should appear on your own.

Classroom Snapshots

French Club Minute

French Club has been meeting regularly during the school with the onset of the Instructional Focus period. Depending on a student's individual needs, students are able to attend French Club meetings for either forty or eighty minutes on Wednesdays.

Activities that are currently in the works are:

  • Lollipop Fundraiser (meeting is Wed Sept 18 at 3:30 PM)
  • Educate Haiti Now School Supply Drive (tentative, approval pending)
  • Participation in the Homecoming Parade

Club shirts are currently being ordered. French Club dues are still be collected at this time; if your student has not paid his or her dues of $5, please have them submit that money immediately.

The Long View: Foreign Language & Student Exchange Programs

One of the most amazing things about knowing a foreign language is simply the ability to meet and communicate with other people. It doesn't always have to be about work and/or careers. Just the opportunity to get out, explore the world, and engage with people whose lives and experiences are so different than your own can be fulfilling in its own right--although let's be clear: foreign travel exchanges do look great on a high school resume when applying for college! If your student has ever expressed an interest in traveling abroad just for the experience, then know that there is ample opportunity for them to do so. One organization that sponsors foreign exchanges for students is the US State Department. They offer a variety of programs for students and young people to travel abroad. For more information, visit

hablamos espanol! nous parlons francais!

Video of students learning how to tell time in Spanish.

white board time drills Spanish whole class.mp4