My 2014-2015 School Year

The Year I Was No Longer A Nobody

Why School Was Rough For Me

My first day of 7th grade was a rough one, at the time I only had 2 friends Brant, Nathan. After the first few weeks or so, I had meet at least 100, new people that I enjoyed spending time with. Another trouble I had at the beginning of the school year was I saw my self as a loser, like I said before, I had barely any friends, I didn't play a sport, and all I did after school was play video games. Now that the school year is almost over I see my self as a boy who still hasn't found his way I no longer see myself as a loser, geek, or a nobody. The last thing I want to talk about is how school was rough for me at first, I started school as a confused kid, after learning and maturing I have become well aware of my previous mistakes
Life Quotes

A New Chapter In Life

After growing up with all my friends, teachers, and family members, I have learned that life can have its ups and downs, luckily this year had mostly ups, I meet new friends, I faced the challenges I have been approached with, and I learned who I actually am. I have also learned that life is like a book, Each day is a new page, ever year is a chapter and I am the author, only I can decide what comes next.