Last Eagle Update of 2020

Elginburg & District Public School

A Lovely Tune


Hello Families,

The Elginburg Staff wants to wish you a restful and peaceful holiday. We hope you have a few days off to relax and unwind. This school year has been amazing considering the challenges we have faced. We have happy students and staff!

Today, we will send home some personal items like headphones and pencil cases. We will not be sending home indoor shoes as we don't expect you will be out in shoes any time soon! We are hoping we will be back together on January 4th but if we are not each class is ready for remote learning.

Stay healthy! See you in two weeks,

Mrs. Duncan

Welcome Ms. Handley

Ms. Handley will be joining us on January 4th! She will be working in 4 different classrooms. Mrs. Wood/Mrs. Hasler's Kindergarten Class, Mrs. Girard's Kindergarten Class, Mrs. Seiveright's class and Mrs. Mills' class!

We welcome her to our amazing school and know she will enjoy her time here!

Farewell to Mrs. A

Mrs. A is an Education Assistant who has been working with us in Mrs. Koss and Mrs. Robinson's classrooms since September. She just found out she has a permanent job at another school. We are very sad to see her go, but are thrilled she has a permanent position.

We are welcoming a new EA in her place, Mrs. H! We will introduce her in the new year!

Look at us in our new "Spirit Wear"!

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Thank you for your orders!

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Jingle Bell Walk Food Donations!

Thank you, Elginburg! Our Jingle Bell Walk was a success! We collected 15 large boxes of food for the Sydenham Food Bank! Thank you everyone! What a great community!

Remembrance Day Competition Winners

Every year, Elginburg submits nominations for the Remembrance Day Poster and Literary Contest. Once again, we did really well! Well done, Eagles!

Local Area Results

Primary Colour

1st Josh Curragh

2nd Sophie Milley

3rd Brynlee Hodgson

Primary Black and White

1st Hailey Hewitt

2nd Cassandra Delorme

Junior Black and White

2nd Georgia Dixon

Junior Poetry

2nd Sophia Hartley

Intermediate Black and White

2nd Nora Guthrie

Intermediate Colour

3rd Jorja Mallen

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Principal's December Challenge Results


This year, a student in grade 4 named Lydia, gave me a great idea! She thought we should have a craft challenge! It has been a tradition at the school since last September to give our "Golden Tinfoil Awards" for great work. It's a long story but the students love it!

Thiswas the challenge:

Every class must create a piece of art using the 5 items provided. The finished product can be a group project or individual products. The final judging will be at 9:00 on Friday, December 18th. Awards will be given for: most unique, most beautiful, best team effort


Most Unique: Mrs. Guild's Class with letters to the school

Most Beautiful: Mrs. Mills' Class with a holiday village

Most Beautiful: Mrs. Burns' Class with a 3D flying sleigh with an elf falling

Best Team Effort: Mr. Bush's Class with a gorgeous, huge holiday tree

Most Sinister: Mrs. Gillott's Class with the Grinch stealing ornaments and gifts from Mr. Bush's tree! "You're a mean one, G- Team!

The 5 Supplies

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Mrs. Koss's Class

Big picture

Mrs. Burns' Class

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Upcoming Events

Monday, January 4th - First school day of 2021