By: Lacy Geurts

Italian Americans

"All aboard" says the ship captain. Loads of Immigrants board the ship. Many of those Immigrants were Italian. Let me tell you a little about those who were!

The Long Voyage


In 1905 thousands of people left southern Italy and came to the U.S. Many of those people were young men looking for a good opportunity to start a living. They left in Port cities like Napels (Na-puls), Genoa (Jen-oa), and Palermo (Pa-ler-mo)! Most of the Immigrants travelled in steerage where it was crowded and dark. On ship carried over 2,000 passengers from Italy to New York in 1920! About 340,000 Italian Americans lived in New York by 1910. Others lived in Boston, Philadelphia and Chicago.

Time Line

1820-1880: About 18,000 Italian immigrants left Northern Italy to come to the United States

1880-1921: Millions came from Southern Italy to the United States

1900: Half a million came to the U.S

1915-1919: Few leave Italy due to World War 1

1922-1943: Benito Mussolini rules Italy. Only few a Italians leave Italy

1924: U.S Government passes a law that limits the number of immigrants allowed yearly

1942: Only 69 Italians move to the U.S

2000: About 2,700 Italians move to the U.S

Cuidiradis ~ Italian Doughnuts

Ingredients: *Add flour to make a soft dough~and a little dry

8 eggs

1 cup sugar * Note: Cut everything in half for a smaller batch

1 cup milk

1 cup oil (vegetable) *Bake: 350 degrees for 20-23 min. on cookie sheet.

3 teaspoon whiskey

3 teaspoon vanilla * Take small chunks of dough and roll into long piece

3 teaspoon lemon extract Pinch ends together and form Oval or Circle.

1 teaspoon salt

8 teaspoon baking powder * Let cool before frosting


Powdered Sugar

Soft Butter

Milk - little at a time

Add sprinkles after doughnuts are frosted


One of the traditions my Great-Great Grandma brought with her from Italy is:

Pizzeles! Pizzeles are like a thin crispy waffle with powdered sugar. Every Christmas we've made them since! Some day my Grandchildren will be making them!

Interesting Facts

  1. The word Italy comes from the world "italia" meaning calf land!
  2. Italy is about 116,400 square miles across!
  3. Italy is one of the most crowded nations in Europe!
  4. The capital of Italy is over 3,000 years old!
  5. The official name for Italy is the "Italian Republic"!


Italian Americans By: Carolyn P. Yoder

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All about the Author

My name is Lacy and I'm 9 years old! I love being Italian because we do fun traditions! Here is a picture of something that represents me and my family!
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