The Backlash Soundtrack

Never Forget You by MNEK & Zara Larsson

This song relates to the book "Backlash" and it would go into the story because in the somewhat beginning of the book Lara talks about how she likes this boy named Christian DeWitt, but the thing is Christian doesn’t like her and never wants to be with her. But yet, Lara is still like in love with him.

Soap by Melanie Martienez

This song relates to the book because in the book Bree said stuff that she should not have said and it almost turned out being deadly but fortunately not. Also in the song, she said "wish I never spoke" and this exactly how Bree was acting after the cops found out it was her and her mom

Don't Close your eyes by kix

This Song relates to the book because in the book Lara tries to attempt suicide because someone told her to kill herself and how the world is better off without her in it |and then in the song they talk about how your life is hard but it will get better.

Numb by linkin park

This song relates to the book because in the song when he says “I want to be more like me and less like you” and in the book when Bree talks about her mom always saying that she wants Bree to be like her and Bree needs to do cheerleading and Bree needs to be a leader and Bree this and Bree that.

Just a Kiss by Lady Antebellum

This song relates to the book because in the book it talks about how Syd and Liam have been best friends for years and then drifted apart but finally became better friends then soon after all of the crazy stuff had happened between Lara and Bree the soon had fallen in love with each other and in the song it talks about how it was just a kiss but more.