World War Dread

With over 37 million casualties, death reigns in WW 1

Dead Son

Dear Mrs Pope,

My son read your poem, Who's For The Game, 2 years ago and joined the army the next morning. He thought it would be like football, and he played football all through high school. I tried telling him not to join, but his father convinced him and signed the papers. Now it's been two years and we just got word that he has been shot and killed behind enemy lines to rescue his teammates. They say he died a hero, but I lost my son. I can't replace him. I blame you and your glorified war stories.

British Mother

Dear Editor,

The poem Dulce Et Decorum Est is a much better version of the war than the poem Who's For The Game. WFtG glorifies it and makes the war sound fun. DEDE tells it like it is: a festering cesspool of death. My husband spent his life dedicated to fighting for his country. Now my son has decided to join this new war fighting for the British, just like his father did. He knows the dangers, and he knows what death that war can bring, and the poem Dulce Et Decorum Est only encouraged him to join more. I'm proud of him but I don't want to lose my son.