The Community News

Articles by Klare Sheley

Ceremonies About to Begin

Many young children are looking forward to the ceremonies, including the soon-to-be twelves, which includes Jonas, Asher, and Fiona.

Family Recieves New Member!

The Jensen Family is receiving a new child named Caleb. They have said that they are very excited to have him become a part of their family unit.

New Comfort Objects Now in Stores Nearest You

The nurturers have come out with a new comfort object called a "giraffe." They have also created a "zebra." You can go buy them at any store that sells comfort objects.

Family Seeks Help from Committee!

There has been a recent development with a family unit requesting to have more than 2 children assigned to them. They said that they realize it is against the rules but they feel that they deserve to have more than 2 children. What will the committee do?