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September 10th, 2021

Up Coming Dates and Events

September 15- School Council 6 pm virtually (link will be sent out)

September 20- FRH is a Federal Election Polling Station

September 20- Terry Fox Run (Bring a tooney for Terry)

September 23- MADD presentation to grade 9 students

September 24- Hot Lunch (NItza's Pizza)

September 29- Orange Shirt Day

September 30- National Day for Truth and Reconciliation (NO SCHOOL)

October 1- Picture day

October 11- Thanksgiving (NO SCHOOL)

October 18- Professional Learning Day (NO SCHOOL)

October 22- Picture retakes

School Council Virtual Meeting- September 15 at 6pm

The link will be emailed to all families along with the agenda on September 14th. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend!

Our hope is to be open about what is happening at school, answer any questions you may have and work together to make FRH even better.

The agenda and the last meeting's minutes are posted on our website.


If you are interested in being part out of the council or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Jessica Smith (780-467-3800). Currently, we do not have a School Council Chair or Secretary.

Meet the Staff

Unfortunately, we have cancelled our in-person Meet the Staff event for the 15th. In lieu of the in-person event, the staff have created short videos to help you put faces to the names of teachers.

Also, you should have received a "welcome" email from all of your child(ren)s teachers. We encourage open dialogue and encourage you to reach out to teachers should you have any course-specific questions. Teachers will do their best to get back to you in a timely manner.

Office Team- Putting faces to names

Course change requests- Closing Sunday September 12th at NOON

If your child is interested in making a course change you will need to fill in the attached COURSE CHANGE REQUEST form.

The form is now open but will CLOSE SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 12 at noon. All requests for the entire year MUST be in by Sunday through the google form.

All requests will be reviewed by the grade level administrator. We will do our best to accommodate requests in the week of Sept 13-17, although some moves may not be possible due to high numbers in classes or timetable constraints.

Thank you for your patience as we work through them.

Hot Lunch - September 24

Hot lunch is starting up again. Our next Hot lunch will be on September 24. Nitza's Pizza ordering information will be sent out on Monday, September 13, and will remain open until September 17th.

Stay tuned!

Student Drop Off

Bus Drop off

Please note that there is a BUS lane on Colwill Blvd and there is NO STOPPING or PARKING during set hours. Thank you for your ongoing support. Please call the main office if you have any questions.
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Thank you to all of our parents for being diligent about our student safety during morning drop off. We are doing our best to keep students safe as they cross at the crosswalk and in the parking lot.

Drop off zones are (see map below);

1) The parent loop on Colwill along the side of the building

2) Past the school on Colwill

3) In the SAP parking lot

Please DO NOT use the staff parking lot for morning drop-off and after-school pick up. These times are very busy and staff that must leave are unable to get out of the parking lot in a timely manner.

Please be mindful of your speed around the school and a reminder that there are NO U-turns.

Crossing monitor- Mrs. Snaterse

A huge thank you to Mrs. Snaterse who is out every morning and after school to ensure students are able to cross Colwill Blvd safely.

Please be kind and respectful to her as she is doing her part to keep the traffic moving as quickly as possible while keeping our students safe.

Visitors in Schools- Please make an appointment

Non-essential visitors and contractors ARE NOT permitted in the school or workplace without an appointment. To make an appointment, contact the school directly. If permission is granted and an appointment is made, the visitor or contractor must complete the verbal COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire. If any of the answers to the questions are “YES,” DO NOT enter the school or workplace. Similarly, if feeling unwell or have COVID-19 symptoms—fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat, shortness of breath, loss of smell and taste, aches, pink-eye, nausea —DO NOT enter an EIPS-operated school or workplace.

All visitors must wear a mask when entering our school.

Required Forms- Please ensure you fill in these forms ASAP

Please refer to an email sent from the district on August 25th for more information on the following forms;

  • COVID-19 Alberta Health Daily Checklist Acknowledgement (Due: Aug. 31, 2021)
  • Pre-existing Medical Conditions (Due: Aug. 31, 2021)
  • Correction and Verification Form (Due: Sept. 22, 2021)


Some students (and parents) have found it difficult to read the PowerSchool printed-out timetable. To assist with this below is a timetable that you may print and fill in.
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About Us

F.R. Haythorne provides comprehensive educational programming for grades 7-9 students with regular and special education programs. In addition to excellent core subject instruction, regular and modified students are offered a wide range of compulsory and optional complementary courses at various grade levels. These include construction and communication technologies, food and fashion technologies, handicrafts, cartooning, band, musical theatre, art, drama, film studies, publishing, media, information studies, leadership, French, wildlife management, recreational fitness, and daily physical education.


Well rounded. Well grounded. Well respected. Committed to learning.