JFK Assassination Theory

Michaela Jones, Izabel Miller, Madeline Lafferty

Assassination of JFK

On November 22, 1963, JFK was shot and killed in Dallas, Texas. Lee Harvey Oswald was the suspected shooter and was caught and put on trial for the murder. Many conspiracy theories have made there way into the media and discussion. One is the Umbrella Man Theory

Umbrella Man

Louie Steven Witt had used an umbrella to heckle the President. He did it to catch his attention and whose considered that a signal for the assassination. Witnesses and newsmen came up with this theory. Pictures were published in the Dallas paper showing Mr. Witt carrying the umbrella before the incident. The FBI, Dallas police, and the Warren Commission did not contact or charge him with anything, but when the case was reopened in 1978, 10 to 15 years after the assassination, they were still concerned about the Umbrella Man. This is one of the more less considerable theories. There was no valid proof and the theory has been proven wrong.

What do people think?

At the beginning people did not really believe this theory. When the case reopened in 1978 it became a small theory and Mr. Witt became a suspect. People were still very paranoid and would speculate anything that either the Warren Commission or the media said. They would agree with anything that came up just to make sense of it. Now a days' people dismiss this theory and it is not very known to this day. Since no one really believes this one, literature has not changed. The Warren Commission never talked to Mr. Witt about it. They did not believe that this is what happened. Everyone has their opinion about this tragic event. This theory is probably one of the more silly ones. Hopefully one day this can all be cleared up.