Crystal Meth

Research by: Heather Juedes

What is it?

Crystal Meth is short for crystal methamphetamine, and is just one form of methamphetamine.

How is it used?

Crystal Meth is either snorted, smoked, injected, or taken orally.

Street Names

Crystal glass, Hot ice, and Stove Top are some of the 36 name for methamphetamine, along with Meth and Crystal Meth.

Short Term and Long Term Effects

Some of the short term effects are

Hallucinations, extreme weight loss, loss of appetite.

Some of the long term effects are Increased heart rate and blood pressure, damaged blood vessels in brain, liver and kidney damage.

Important Facts

  • The production of one pound of meth is the equal to five pounds of toxic waste

  • There are 36 names for the drug, including meth and crystal meth .

  • Is taken mostly as a “club drug”

  • There are seven stages of the meth “experience” : The Rush, The High, The Binge, Tweaking, The Crash, Meth Hangover, Withdrawal.