Christmas in Florina

the fires


In the city of Florina and the surrounding villages, on the eve of Christmas on December 23 light fires more fire in Heroes Square. These fires are lit with stolen wood, and the preparation starts long ago. Around the fire at the celebration and feast with the participation of all residents of the area and too many tourists. This custom some say that this is done to ward off evil spirits.
Residents welcome the birth of Christ by lighting large fires midnight which symbolize the fire that lit the shepherds of Bethlehem to warm the newborn Jesus.

Just spell midnight 23 to December 24, Christmas Eve, bonfires of up to 15m. and in each of these Cairns wine, sweets and bean soup, while around the fire is dancing with music from local bands. The preparation for the lighting of the fire lasts months ... Groups of children - after choosing a safe place Storage - store tons of wood and cedar that cut the mountain. Each night there and the responsible care of the woods neighborhood ... Why alas! ... Other neighborhood children, preparing to steal wood and great shame to him that will not be able to salvage the honor of the neighborhood and praise to those who would steal the cedar without getting news.
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Φλώρινα - Φωτιές (short film)
Rafaella M. (Γ2)