Traveling Through History

Michelangelo/Reconstruction Era


According to Somerville the main idea about this subject is "What influanced Michelangelo to becoming an artist?"

His family was very poor and his father earned little money. When he went to school he got bored with his class work so he always doodled on his assignments. Michelangelo's nurse was the wife of a stone cutter who gave his stones to do sculptures with. By that time, his father knew his desire was to an artist. Michelangelo was very famous for his work. His brothers and him ran a family business.

In my opinion, he had a successful life. He became the most famous Italian artist and still is known throughout the world explains the importance of the Reconstruction Era.

Government had three main issues. They were how to deal with states as they rejoined the union, how whites should be treated in the south, and how to deal with the freed slaves. That's when Reconstruction was invented.

Abraham Lincon came up with the Reconstruction Act to get rid of these problems. After he died, Johnson followed the acts. Congress vetoed the ideas though. Radical Republicans, also didn't agree with the acts. It was the first major bill to be vetoed. Finally, congress gave in and signed the bill to do the Reconstruction Act. Black Codes were invented so blacks couldn't do everything that whites could. Southern States were given the money and supplies they needed to rebuild themselves.

South rebuilt themselves along with the U.S government. They made new laws, more businesses, and more transportation ways.