Ms. Perez's Newsletter

Week of Monday, April 21st

Room 203

Hope everyone enjoyed the three day weekend. A few reminders: Waco Zoo permission slips and money are due April 28th. If you are planning to attend and have not filled out your volunteer application please do so immediately. The volunteer approval form is online through CSISD website under Parent Information. Also, please return signed report cards and completed pink attendance surveys.

Tuesday, April 22

3rd and 4th grade Math STAAR

Wednesday, April 23

3rd and 4th grade Reading STAAR

Thursday, April 24

Waco Zoo Parent Meeting...12:30pm Room 205 For any parent volunteers attending our May 1st field trip

Friday, April 25

Spirit Day...Dress like the Assistant Principal Day

Family Movie Night...6:30pm showing "Frozen"


  • Please remember to have your child at morning assembly by 7:40am. Morning assembly is a great way to start our day together as a class family.
  • Make sure to check and initial their Panther folder daily for behavior notes and school/community information.
  • Check their blue Homework folder for any assignments. Remember all homework is given Monday and due Thursday.


As we continue studying characters and their traits, we apply our connections to better understand them. We look at self-to-text, text-to-text, and text-to-others connections.

This week we review fact or opinion. We add this knowledge to our all-about books.


Students continue their animal "all about" books. We continue organizing and revising our gathered information, using them to help create text and graphic features. We focus on creating a table of contents, glossary, and captions.


This week we look at the /oo/ sound as in book. Although students are expected to master these words, applying the phonics rule will aid in their writing and reading.