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Plano RDSPD Staff News - December 20, 2015

It Is Here!!!

The long awaited Winter Break is here. Thanks for all you have done for our students this semester. Enjoy your break and rest up. We'll see you in January.

Dates to Know:

January 5 - Professional Development

January 25 @ 6:30 - January Parent Meeting & Student Social - Cyber Safety - Date Change

February 20 @ 2:00 - Spring Show

February 25 @ 6:30 - February Parent Meeting & Student Social - Speech

March 31 @ 6:30 Parent Meeting & Student Social - DARS

April 19 - 22 - Rescheduled Peer Review dates

April 21 @ 6:30 April Parent Meeting & Spring Show - College Accommodations

May 19@ 6:30 Parent Meeting & Student Social - Pot Luck Dinner

Need PD hours for 6/6/16? If your principal is allowing PD hours ahead of time for that day, we are giving 1.5 hours credit for attending parent meetings.

Fundraising Opportunities for Plano RDSPD

Spring Show Ads

Spread the word about the fantastic opportunity to advertise in the spring show flyer. All money raised from the advertising helps to support student activities. Contact Tammy Clanton for more information.

Please help us support our student activities. It is through fundraising that our students are able to participate in activities outside of school.

Staff Shout Outs...

  • Jo- Great job getting parents at the STAP meeting! You had the most participants!
  • Jo, Sarah, Karla, Pauline- Thank you for coming to the STAP Parent Meeting and supporting the program.
  • Donna Moreland received the Haggard Teacher Diversity Award for her work with the students and Math Counts.

  • Give a shout out to Lindsay Gregory on a healthy recovery on her foot surgery.

  • Connie Rocha won TA of the Year at Pearson!

  • Jo, you are the teacher who never gives up on your students & families, who understands the power of connection & insists that your students become the best that they can possibly be!!!!

  • SHOUT OUT to Brook Hughes for the treats at the itinerant meetings!! You are awesome (& very creative)!! Root Beer floats were so much fun! Thank you!

  • You are all the best!!! It was a great semester. See you in January.

Peer Review

As we prepare for our Peer Review, I will use this section of our newsletter to send you information to help you be more prepared for the observations and interviews. Due to state scheduling, the dates have been changed to April 19 - 22.

NEW Information -

In January, you will be meeting in your teams to review the answers to the interview questions. To review the questions go to - The Peer Review Page at

Parent Surveys will be sent out in January.

Previous posts:

Please review the Communication Modality Continuum - As you observe and assess your students, look at how they communicate in various settings. Remember that a student's communication mode can vary throughout the day based on the environment and the complexity of the learning activity. This chart helps us look at how a child communicates and what accommodations they might use or need.


Other links:

Plano RDSPD Communication Philosophy - Please be familiar with the philosophy.

Plano RDSPD Placement Options -

We will have a great Peer Review because you are the best. We will just take some time to gather the documentation and meet about all aspects of our program so that you are more knowledgeable about the whole picture.

Items due by 3/1/16:

Professional Development Log Click here for the form to use.

Weeks worth of lesson plans

Samples of assessment used

Plano RDSPD Annual Review of Communication - ARC

As you work with the ARC this year, please let us know what works and what does not. The ARC is a draft document. We want it to be beneficial to gain a better understanding of our students communication and their needs. However, we also want it to be a useful tool for you. The ARC document is posted on the Plano RDSPD Staff Google site. I do make changes on that document. Please send your suggestions and corrections to me. With your help we will create a process that will help us better understand each student's communication needs.

Helpful Links and Information

Free Online Webinars that offer LSLS credits -

Hearing First December Newsletter -

PISD Preschool Curriculum and resources -

Deaf Tech Summer STEM Camp - under the Student Opportunities page.

PepNet Webinar Series: Family Involvement in the Transition Process - --Can be counted for PD credit for 6/6/16 if you principal is allowing outside PD for that day.

Please send links to share that you have found helpful.

Daily Take 5

I am hearing that people are overwhelmed by the Daily Take 5. I have been lax the last two weeks due to my schedule. Please let me know what works for you. Just because and send and post an article doesn't mean I expect you to read it. I want to send out a variety of articles to help for a variety of needs. They may not be your needs. Please share your thoughts with me.

Staff Survey

Please take a few minutes to fill out the staff survey form.

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PISD Sites To Know:

Plano ISD Technology Resources - This tells you how to navigate many PISD tools such as MyLearningPlan, PDAS, Grade Book, phones, printers, and more.

PISD Elementary Curriculum - This is often refered to as the curriculumn planner. You will need your district login and password to access.

Special Education Curriculum Site - Great Resources to help you accommodate and modify the general education curriculum.

Plano RDSPD Staff Site - This site is under construction to help you with your needs as a staff member in Plano RDSPD.

Plano ISD Secondary Special Education Google Site -

PISD Preschool Curriculum and resources -

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Plano RDSPD Main Office – 469 752-5590

Debbie Martin – Coordinator – 469 752-5583,

Click here for a printable flyer to share with families.

Our Mission is to serve students with auditory impairment by providing educational challenges and opportunities which empower them to become productive and independent individuals.