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From the Reform to the Reformed Republic

liberals and conservatives

In the XIX century two different political sources wanted to govern Mexico; each group had different ideas, mostly about the measures that should be taken to improve the countries situation. These groups were called the liberals and the conservatives. The fight between the groups provoked that in this period of time there were constant conflicts; this caused the instability of the country and effected it's economy and development.

Mexico is in a difficult situation

In the second half of the XIX century, Mexico was in a difficult situation. The problems Mexico had were mostly because some people controlled big spaces of land; in addition, the majority of the population did not have access to education.
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Santa Anna comes back to Presidency

In 1853, after being president 10 times, Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna was convinced by the conservatives to become president once again. During his presidency, some of his orders caused some people in the society to get mad, such as, getting rid of some rights and personal liberty, chasing his opposers and punishing everyone who criticized him, this limited their freedom to express themselves; also he closed the Congress, and sold the territory of La Mesilla to the United States. Santa Anna auto-named himself "Alteza Serenisima" and he gave himself unlimited power to govern during the time he found necessary.

"The Ayutla Plan"

Some citizens were not happy with Santa Anna's presidency, so they decided to come up with a plan to kick Santa Anna out of presidency, they called this plan "The Ayutla Plan". The heads of this plan were Juan Álvarez, Ignacio Comonfort, and Florencio Villareal. In 1854 they proclaimed "The Ayutla Plan", these people were planning on using weapons to complete their plan.

The new liberal government

The year after, the armed movement triumphed and Santa Anna was forced to leave the country. Juan Álvares would now be president until elections were organized; after the elections Ignacio Comonfort was the new president. With this the liberal government period started.