Of Mice And Men

Why it shouldnt be challenged.

By: Evan C. Mack

Of Mice And Men Synopsis

In the novel Of Mice And Men two migrant workers, Lennie and George, are running away fro their lst job in search of a ranch they can work at. They had to leave their last job because Lennie, a mentally ill large man, had an obsession with petting soft things. When he saw a woman with a soft dress he began to pet her dress without her consent. Being charged of rape Lennie and George run away from their last ranch. They wander in the wilderness until they come across another ranch. They soon get jobs there from the ranch owner, a man whom they refered to only as "Boss". Boss had a son however, named Curley. Curley was a mean sprirted man whom ran the ranch along with his father. Curley also had a wife, whom was simply only refered to as "Curleys wife". Well one day, Lennie was given a puppy by another ranch worker whos dogs recently given birth to a litter. Still being obssesed with soft things Lennie happily accepts it and proceeds to pet the fragile animal. However when the puppy tries escape and struggle Lennie tries to stop it and in turn accidently kills it. Seeing that Lennie was truly upset, Curley's wife lets him pet her hair for comfort. However, Lennie then begins to put her to hard and when she struggles, she suffers the same fate as the puppy. Once Curley finds out, he gathers a lynch mob in revenge to avenge his wifes brutal death. Once again Lennie and George run away, but they know they can't escape forever. Seeing nothing left to do, George tells Lennie everything is going to be fine before he shoots Lennie in the back of the head, killing Lennie instantly.