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Date when joined the European Union



The Irish war of independence or Anglo-Irish war started and ended from 1919 to 1921.It was faught between the Irish republican army and the British security force.Ireland didn't want British rule in there country.

Location and Geographical Features

Ireland is in Western Europe and also west of Great Britian.The land of Ireland is mostly plains surrounded by low leveled mountains and hills.In the west coast,sea cliffs are present.
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Thomas Francis Meagher first introduced the Ireland flag in 1848.The first flag was green with a golden harp until 1916 when the tricolor flag became the national flag.The Ireland flag did not get used until the Ireland war of independence 1919 to1921.
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Capitals and Major Cities

Dublin is the capital of Ireland.Other major cities are Cork,Limerick,Kilkenny,Galway,and Waterford.

Tourist Sites to Visit

Kilkenny is a good tourist site because it has a lot of heritage,historical buildings,and a beautiful countryside.

The National Museum of Ireland is a tourist site to visit because it has many of the archaeological objects found in Ireland,the museum has interesting objects,and the building is grand and nice.

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Physical Features

Some physical features of Ireland are McGillicuddy Recks,River Shannon,and the Ring Of Kerry.

Government Type

Republic,Parliamentary democracy

Currency before the euro

The Irish pound

Interesting Facts

-A Shamrock which is a type of clover is the national symbol of Ireland

-Ireland in 2002 was the first country in the world to have an environmental tax for plastic shopping bags and it was also the first to introduce a public smoking ban in 2004

-Gaelic is the common used language in Ireland