Gun Control

More gun control more lives, Save now!

Guns should be banned from private uses and homes.

Anyone can get ahold of a gun in the house and accidentally or purposely kill some one. For example, little children are attracted to many things so if they see a gun lying around somewhere they'll grab it and the worst could happen. Also like the massive shooting at the Sandy Hook school, a boys mother owned a gun and he found it in the house, he killed innocent people with that gun.

The Second Amendment is not an ultimated right to own guns.

Many people use the second amendment as an excuse to own a gun but really it not that necessary to own a gun. The main causes of death is from guns. It seem like guns are not even here to protect people, people used them for personal gains. There are lots of other weapons people can use instead of guns that may not harm as much people. Many people are against having gun while others think it is best to own a one. The world would be a much safer place if gun laws were more strict.

Guns don't kill people; people kill people.

That is a undeniable fact!

We are united state for a reason.

We need to stand up for each other as united states. No more gun violence equals less deaths. Come on and join this act of making gun laws more strict
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