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AIESEC in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

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Greetings AIESEC in UTM

Hello future leaders of Malaysia,

This is the first newsletter for term 15/16 of AIESEC in UTM. There have been a lot of happenings in the past two month starting from the Member Recruitment Drive where Malam Interaksi AIESEC (MIA) and COLOURS was the first engagement of first year students with AIESEC. Then you all were selected as new members of AIESEC in UTM after all the selection processes and went for Induction Day.

Then there was regional conference for all members organized in UTM itself called South Regional Induction Conference (RIC) where the attendees were UM, UPM and UTM. A lot of happenings as well after that with AIESEC Gathering, LCP 16/17 Election and recently Winter Peak Camp.

I hope there were some memorable memories left within everyone throughout these months as there will be more in the upcoming months as well. Are you hyped for more AIESEC activities because I am. Have you registered for MyLDS 2016 in UTP? Do not miss out the chance!!!

"Activating Youth Leadership in Johor by Delivering Global Experiences".

Coming for MyLDS 2016?

Register here by 20th November 2015(23:59 GMT +8)!!!

Our First Winter Camp

This is the first time ever in AIESEC in UTM history that we organise a camp to focus on winter peak. It comes with many memorable memories such as Chief Delegate Election and even LCP 16/17 announcement. We even got MCVP TM of AM 16/17, Ana Azzahra as our chair. We truly learnt a great deal of things from this conference.

Throughout the conference, we believe that only those people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do. It is time for us to approach winter peak differently or in a matter in fact all peaks.

We cannot dwell with the same conservative ways if we want to improve. Are you guys with us on this winter peak? I hope you all are because we are gonna make this winter peak the beginning of many success of AIESEC in UTM to come. It's on Me, It's on You, It's on Us.

Let's rock Winter Peak!!! AIESEC in UTM HOT to GO!!!!

Winter Peak Camp 2015 Output

Get the Winter Camp outputs here.

Chief Delegate Election 2016

AIESEC in UTM Chief Delegate MyLDS 2016 VoC Announcement

Local Committee President 16/17 AIESEC in UTM Announcement

AIESEC in UTM LCP Elect 2016/2017 Announcement

New Term, New Leadership

In our recent Winter Camp, New Local Committee President of AIESEC in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia for term 16/17 was being announced. Congratulations to Ching Xin Huey to be elected as the next leader for AIESEC in UTM.

With new LCP being elected, it means that new Executive Board shall be formed. A new term under the leadership of new LCP of AIESEC in UTM. A vision to be achieved, "Activating Youth Leadership in Johor by Delivering Global Experiences".

Are you ready to take up the role? This opportunity only exist once every term/year. Even if you are not ready, do you have the courage to step up when people needed you most?

“Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional.”

So let's apply EB 16/17 of AIESEC in UTM!! Don't wait no more!!!

AIESEC in UTM EB 2016/2017 Application Booklet

Important dates : Application Deadline: 24th November 2015 (Tuesday), 23:00 GMT+8 Vote of Confidence: 27th November 2015 (Friday), 10:00 GMT+8

AIESEC in UTM LCP 2016/2017 Elect Speech

It is not our abilities that show what we truly are… it is our choices. – Dumbledore


Who rock the house?

AIESEC in UTM rock the house

And when we rock the house

We rock it all the way down

Down to the ground!!!

Here we come WINTER PEAK!!!