Olmos Library Newsletter

October 2014

A Note from the Librarian

October was another busy month at the library! Take a look at some of the things that happened.

Ms. Olivares

Library Statistics

* 3, 050 total items checked out. Kinder= 249, 1st= 256, 2nd= 520, 3rd-680, 4th= 462, 5th= 654, Staff= 229

* # of School Days: 22

*# of Classes Served: 33

*Library Closed for Book Fair October 17-24

* Lessons taught covered the following TEKS: Figure 19 (Make inferences about text and use textual evidence to support understanding), ELAR 14B, ELAR 4A, 16(A), 14(C)

*Library was used for the following meetings/events during the 1st 9 Weeks: Strings Meeting (Director from Nimitz M.S.), Promise Walk, Assistants Meeting & Clinic Video, Smartboard Workshop, COMPASS Training, Crosswalk Training, and ISA Pals Meeting.

Texas Bluebonnet Books

3rd-5th Grade were introduced to the 2014-2015 Texas Bluebonnet books. Students were shown the library webpage where they could view book trailers for each book, prizes they could earn for reading 5 books/passing the tests, raffle drawing for 3 GRAND PRIZES, and the guidelines for the Texas Bluebonnet Reading Program.


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It's Big and Its Mine but it's Stuck on the Vine

Kindergarten read Big Pumpkin by Erica Silverman and then had to put the story in sequential order.

Book Fair is Here!

All grade levels were given the opportunity to watch the Book Fair Preview video the week before our book fair arrrived and sign up to bring their class to the library to create their wish lists during the first 2 days of the Book Fair.
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The Author is coming, the author is coming!!

Pk- thru 2nd grade got to hear the story Little Rabbit and the Meanest Mother On Earth by Kate Klise. On November 7 Kate Klise will be visiting Olmos Elementary and presenting to Pk-5th grade. Kinder practiced their prediction and inferencing skills as we read the story and then helped the librarian create the Meanest Mother on Earth Monster using the iPad .

1st & 2nd grade used the iPad App Dibu Lite to make their own monster and then used ChatterPix to make their Mean Mother Monster talk. Each student had to think of 1 thing they're told to do before having free/fun time at home. (i.e. I'm the meanest mother on earth because you must do your homework before playing your Star Wars game.)

Let's Grow Some Pumpkins!

Each grade level class was able to participate in our Literary Pumpkin Patch. We kicked off our Literary Pumpkin Patch on October 27 and we had several classes as well as some individual students adding pumpkins to our pumpkin patch throughout the week. What talented and creative Olmos Owls we have!
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Upcoming Events

* Author Visit

* November Reading Challenge

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