Aloha 'Oe

Farewell to The Hawaiian Kingdom


The Hawaiian Kingdom ended on January 17, 1893, a day of a bloodless revolution. Without President Benjamin Harrison, President Grover Cleveland, and Minister John L. Stevens it would not have been possible.

Historical Significance

If it wasnt for Minister Stevens, President Cleveland, and President Benjamin, Haweaii wouldnt have been annexex to AMetrica on January 17,1883. This topic is important in history because if it wasn't for the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom, America probably wouldn't have pearl harbor which could have been the downfall in war that was overseas. The unintended consequences was probably the lost of the Haweaiian culture due to the fact that America wanted Hawaii's government and way of life to bell like theirs..

Is Hawai'i Legally and Lawfully a State of The Union?

I think that Hawaii is lawfully and legally a state of the union based on all of the paperwork such as the signing of the Bayonet Constitution. I don't think that it was fair that Thurston used Queen Liliuokalani's and the people suggestions in government as an excuse to overthrow Queen Liliuokalani, those were just suggestions from the people not demands.

Supplemental Information

This video is about how the Hawaiian Kingdom was overthrown in 1883.
Attempted Overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom,1893


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