Conner Bailey

A character from the land of stories series

By: victoria yang

Who is he?

"A loud snore suddenly came from the back of the classroom, A boy in the back row was slouched over his desk and drooling from the corner of his mouth, very much asleep." That is how Conner is introduced into The Land Of Stories series in the first book. Almost the complete opposite of his twin sister Alex, he's sloppy, careless, and never think before he speaks. He's got short strawberry blond hair, bright blue eyes, and a round and freckled face. Oh, yeah! Did I mention he never pays attention in class? Well, you can probably tell that already.

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Hero's journey

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The land of stories: The wishing spell

Status Quo: Conner Bailey lives in an ordinary life, everything was pretty normal for a 13 year old like him. Then his father dies in a car accident.

Assistance: On Conner and Alex Bailey's 13th birthday, they receive The Land Of Stories book from their grandmother.

Departure: Conner and Alex falls into the book, The Land Of Stories. They realize the storybook contains the Fairytale world within it.

Trails: They decide to gather items for The Wishing Spell so they can get back to their normal world. Throughout their adventures, they meet famous Fairytale characters and becomes friends with them.

Approach: They realize they are not the only ones gathering items for the Wishing Spell, so they pick up their pace and gathers all the items.

Crisis: The Evil Queen is the other person who is gathering the items, and therefore, the Evil Queen kidnaps the twins and takes all their magical items.

Treasure: The Evil Queen performs the Wishing Spell, she saves her lover from her magical mirror. The Bailey twins gets rescued from the Evil Queen.

Result: The twins realizes the fact that their grandmother is the Fairy Godmother, she has the power to transfer people to and from the 2 worlds.

Return: They get back to their normal world, going through a portal their grandmother created. It's also where the book ends.

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Why is Conner a hero to me?

When the stories first started, I thought Conner was just this kid who messes up everywhere and simply a natural trouble maker. Throughout the book, I realize Conner is really brave, smart, and responsible. During any crisis, Conner knows what he needs to do. For example, the Bailey twins needed to get into Snow White's castle to get the glass slipper. So Conner pretended they they were some rich person's son and daughter. Surprisingly, they somehow managed to get into the castle. When Alex is upset, he knows what to say to cheer her up. As Conner was on the quest with his sister, they made friends easily, Conner was funny and understandable, while Alex was smart and knowledgeable. And in some sense, Conner can even be considered a hero to The Sleeping Kingdom because his "Rubber Band Trick" helped people in that country stay awake and work to make the Kingdom flourish again.

Fan Fiction

By: Gretchen Albers and Victoria Yang

“Whoa Porridge! Calm down! What’s wrong?” Conner jumped as Porridge - Goldilocks horse- started thrashing in its leash while Conner was feeding it.

Goldilocks and Jack rushed out with their weapons in their hands, “Don’t worry, I’ll be here to protect you,” Jack whispered to Goldilocks.

Goldilocks smiled, “Maybe you should protect Conner first.”

“Hey! I heard that! I can totally defend myself!” Conner exclaimed.

“Look!” Goldilocks points towards the distance, where a hawk swoops down towards the 3 of them. Conner took a step back and accidentally tripped, falling painfully on his butt.

The hawk landed gracefully right in front of Conner. It shook its feathers and a letter fell out, “Wow, cool deal, are you a messenger? Wait, can you… Talk?” Conner wondered.

“Yes I can, grandson of the Fairy Godmother. Go to The Squiggly Piggly, they need your help,” The hawk replied in a deep tone, “Someone important will be expecting you, so don’t think you can ignore this message.”

Conner looked at Goldilocks and Jack. It was Jack that broke the silence, “We should go, it might be worth the while.”

The hawk nodded and flew away. Conner, Goldilocks and Jack soon arrived at The Squiggly Piggly. As they sat down, someone unexpected stepped through the door. His sister, Alex and Red Riding Hood.

“What?” Red laughed in surprise, Conner shivered at the sound of Red’s laugh, her laugh had always given him goosebumps.

“We just didn’t realize that it was you guys who sent the invitation,” Goldilocks replied in a somewhat feisty tone.

“But it wasn’t us,” Alex raised her eyebrows in question.

BANG! Conner jumped from his seat and looked towards the source of the sound, the door was shoved open and a weird looking dude who was wearing a cloak yelled, “Nobody move! I’ll just take what I came here for and then I’ll be on my way.”

Conner looked towards Alex, yet she was frozen in shock. “Oh well, I guess I’ll be the hero of the day,” Conner whispered under his breath. He crept towards the kitchen as the thief walk up to the counter that the three little pigs are. Conner was about to jump on the thief, but he got surprised back when the thief made a deep rumbling noise. It sounded like a growl, but Conner knew what it actually was, it’s the rumbling of the burglar's stomach! Conner knew that sound so well, it’s his daily 2 o’clock noise. “I’ll take this,” The burglar said.

The thief just grabbed the carrot from the counter and quickly stuffed it into his cloak. Yet Conner saw what most people didn’t see, the carrot turned gold when the burglar grabbed it. The only fairy tale where someone has a golden touch is… King Midas! The king quickly turned as he realized what Conner might have saw, so he ran out the door, hopped onto his horse and rode away. The rest of the restaurant was left in silence. The three little pigs half stumbled, half ran towards Conner’s direction. Together, the 4 of them ran over to the table where Alex, Red, Goldilocks, and Jack sat. and the three little pigs started freaking out.

“You must help us because-” began the first little pig.

“-that carrot holds all the magic-” interrupted the second little pig.

“-that makes all the food in the whole fairytale world taste good,” finished the third little pig.

The three pigs were looking as depressed as pigs get. Their pleading eyes stared stright into everyone’s soul. Goldilocks was the one to decide, “Well, I guess the only thing that would be really good would be to help them.”

Conner was the first to jump up, he started running out the door as he thought about what he just saw, as he was getting on a horse, he noticed something, a speckle of gold glittery tint was in the hoofprints left on the ground. It confirmed his suspicion. Then they raced off, following the hoofprints. Conner was lost in thought as he continued to go forward with his horse, he didn’t even realize the hoofprints ended. Jack and Goldilocks called back at Conner as he snapped out of his trance guided his horse towards the clearing. As they dismounted their horses, Alex and Conner quickly came up with a plan.

“I think we should walk in there and just tell him to give the carrot back,” Conner said.

“Are you kidding me?” Alex shot Conner a dirty look. “What makes you think he would just give it back to us after he took all that trouble he took to get it?”

“I dunno. It just seems like the sort of stuff that a superhero or someone would do,” Conner lied, he knew who the thief was and why he did what he did, but he doesn’t know how to get the carrot (which is now golden) back.

Alex sighed and said, “Okay, let’s just go ahead. We always seem to have better impromptu plans anyway.”

Alex, Conner, Goldilocks, Jack, and Red stepped into the clearing. Everyone except for Conner was surprised at the clearing around them. Everything had been turned to gold, just like what Conner had expected. Everyone else was so busy poking around the clearing, they didn’t even notice Midas, who was standing right there in the center of the clearing.

“Well, well, well. I see that someone has tried to come after me. My name is Midas,” He said with a devious smile, not at all worried.

Conner was still shocked by Midas though, he’s much shorter than Conner excpected. Alex had on this look of pure surprise, Conner laughed deep down: Ha, for once, I figured out the truth before Alex.

King Midas pulled out the carrot, now golden, “Anyway, is this what you’re looking for?”

Conner took a step forward and yelled, “Give it-”

“You’re too late. I’m about to complete the spell that will finally allow me to eat without all my food turning to gold. Now that I have the carrot, all I have to do is throw it in the fire with this magic dust that I collected from some very unfortunate fairy,” Midas raised his eyebrows in challenge, “It’s amazing what power you have when you can turn anything you touch into gold!”

Alex shot Conner a look, “stall him” Conner rolled his eyes, he knew all along, so it wouldn’t be hard to play it out and stall Midas. Plus, Conner doesn’t want to throw himself in the midst of danger just over a carrot, Alex can do the action. Conner thought about trolling Midas around for a bit, so as Alex slowly moved towards the table, Conner started stalling, “Did you really think you could get away with this? We knew about your plan before you ever showed up at The Squiggly Piggly. In fact we’re about to stop you right NOW!”

Conner saw Alex jump up and throw a heck of alot of pepper right into Midas’s face. Midas tripped over and dropped the golden carrot onto the ground along with the magic dust “Geez, he’s got a big sneeze for a body the size of his,” Conner whispered as Midas fell backwards into the crate. Goldilocks and Jack ran up, closed the lid, and latched it up. Easy victory! Conner smiled.

“Can I keep the golden crate once he’s out of it?” Red tilted her head at the pretty golden box.

Conner broke out laughing at Red’s words, he walked up to Red and whispered in her ear, “Wouldn’t a golden basket be better?”

Alex quickly snapped back from the victory and asked them to pack up Midas’ stuff and return the golden carrot to the three little pigs. As they were on their way back towards The Squiggly Piggly, they saw a troop of guards and Froggy at the front door of the restaurant. Midas was turned over to the guards and Alex gave the carrot back to the pigs.

“Oh thank you-” said the first little pig.

“-so much. We don’t know-” interrupted the second little pig.

“-what we would have done without you,” finished the third little pig.

Conner was more proud than embarrassed, he smiled arrogantly at Alex. When they excused themselves, they walked over to talk to Froggy.

“I got here and found out that you guys had all gone off on a dangerous quest without me,” Froggy said, he had this worried look towards Red and the twins.

Conner gave Froggy a big grin. He went up and hugged Froggy as a reassurance.

Alex suddenly asked, “Wait, why were you coming to The Squiggly Piggly?”

“Yeah. Did you get an invitation also?” Conner said curiously.

“I was the one that sent the invitations to all of you. Now, let’s go eat,” Froggy gave the twins a grin and replied.

“It was you? Darn, that weird hawk scared me, next time you send an invitation, try using a less intimidating animal!” Conner complained with a smile.


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