Jim Crow Laws

By: Jace and Wes

How They were Named and Why

Jim Crow was not a person. He was simply a "nickname" for a person in a song
named Jim Crow. Jim Crow laws were named Jim Crow laws because in the song Jim
Crow was thought to be very racist. Jim crow was thought to be a black slave or a
black scruffy man who walked with a difficultly. Latter after this song was published
the laws were in the making, and since most the people already thought of Jim Crow
that kind of man it was a good name for the laws. ("Who")

What were the Laws

The Jim Crow Laws was not as a normal just a large list of certain rules it was just an
official way to say that Whites are better than blacks. These thoughts were used and was
thought as extremely important until the late 1960's (started in 1877). "Many Christians
ministers and theologians thought that whites were the chosen people, blacks were
cursed to be servants, and God supported racial segregation" (What). This was
thought of as truth, 110% the way to be, if you were to believe otherwise (and you
were white) you would be thought of as a trater to your own kind. The mane laws
were stay separate from each other! Whites always had the easy way in the building,
and if blacks could enter they always had the back entrance or something possibly
more difficult. These laws were un-fiar and were not thought through when they were
in the process of making. these laws (depending on how strict owner is) could be
bi-passed and at the same time if one was caught for breaking the law they could
either been killed on the sight or just prison. ("What")

Where They were Enforced

These laws was mostly a south thing. The north did not participate in the racial laws.
Also the laws were enforced at the north/south (free/segregated) boarder. That way the
south did not have any "problems" with with law that they could stop. This is where the
laws were mostly enforced. (common knowledge)