Still working on a better Team name. :)

Kim's O2 Team Updates

Hello and WOW once again!


-Kara and Laura - first DESIGNERs, to become Lead Designers by starting their own teams.

-Everyone for November & December sales - You survived November and December which, according to most, are the biggest sale months because of the holidays!

-Everyone again because as a team we reached the $10,000.00 mark in sales as a team!

Here is what will be covered in this issue, it is a little more lengthy, but filled with good information:

Updates from Shumway's Sparklers

Training Opportunities

Goodie Box and more to come...

Tax Help

Kick off to an amazing new year!

If you have any questions or need something you can reach me at 937-470-4657,, or send me a message on Facebook.

Updates from Shumway's Sparklers

  • Nicki has changed the date for her Team meeting. It will now be on Saturday, February 8. She will be sharing time and location soon.
  • If you are not on Facebook and not receiving email updates from her please let me know or send her an email at

Training Opportunities

There are a few training events coming up.

SOAR Regional event in Columbus:

There is still a waitlist for this, but if you think you want to attend you should sign-up now, you can always decline or ignore the invite if a seat becomes available. I am attending as well as Heather and Rachel. Let me know if you are signed up and if you would like to carpool. Pua - there is one in Arizona if you think you are interested. For Shawna and anyone else not able to attend I'm waiting on a reply to find out if any of these will be available to be viewed in the O2 lounge/back office.

January Jump Start Training! - Special Team Lucky Charms Pricing - This is offered to our team only. Don't miss out!! 1/4/14 11am EST (10 a.m. cst (8 pst/9mst)
Who is ready to take their 2014 to a new level?
Join us for this essential {LIVE} training to avoid the dreaded January lull and get set for success in 2014! Live class, Saturday January 4th at 10 a.m. cst (8 pst/9mst/11est). Prep work to set you up for success in January {NOW}! Don't miss this 3 part series!

Get set for success with:
Planning Your Success, Goal Setting, Time Blocking, January Launch Strategy, Customer Contact and
Includes: December Prep work, live event and playbacks
Click the link below to register!!!

National Convention

Are you planning to go to National Convention at the end of July? Have you considered this, but you are just not sure? Do you want to, but something is holding you back? Let me know so I can start planning accordingly. You don't want to wait to long because the closer we get to Convention time it is possible that they will sell out of tickets. (My plan was to give a breakdown of the overall approximate cost to attend convention, but have not been able to get into the lounge to pull some of the details I wanted to include. I will email the information when I get a chance.)

Goodie Box and more to come...

I hope each of you have received your box of goodies and can find a use for each of the items. I'm not great with sending out things on a regular basis or letting people know how much I appreciate them sometimes. So I decided during the summer I would send you a goodie box one time a year, most likely around Christmas. This is to show my appreciation for you being on my team, my thanks for being a great teammate, congratulations on your accomplishments over the year, and my well wishes for a new year!

I was inspired by Nicki's incentive program that I am going to have one of my own, but it will last for the year and you will receive your incentives around the week of Christmas. (Looks like Nicki and I think a little bit alike.)

The time frame for this incentive will be from January 2014-December 15, 2014, this is not to say that I will not have a pop-up incentive sometime during the year. All items will be totaled and you will receive your incentive on a Visa or Mastercard. This incentive will be good for those of you who are interested in moving up in Levels and building your own team or for those who want to stick with having great sales. This is also available to any new Designers added to the Team.

Here is how it will work:

  • Move up one level, for example from Designer to Lead Designer, and you will earn $15.00
  • Move up more than one level, for example from Designer to Lead Designer and then from Lead Designer to Team Leader, or enroll more than one new Designer and you will earn an additional $25.00
  • Have at least 1 month with a PV (Personal Volume) of $1000.00 and earn $15.00
  • Have at least 6 months with a PV of $1000.00 and earn $25.00
  • Have at least 3 months with a PV of $3000.00 and earn $50.00

Tax Help

I will offer a Q&A session with my tax professional, Diane Amos, free of charge to anyone who is on my team. Diane has handled my taxes and other's in my family for several years. She is who I turned to when I started with Origami Owl so I could try to be prepared come tax time. This is also what I shared with several of you about offering a couple months ago.

I need to know a couple things so I know if there is enough interest:

1. Please send me a message (email, text, fb, etc. I think all of you know how to reach me) and let me know if you are interested or not.

2. If you are interested, let me know if any of the dates will not work for you: January 14, 15, 16, 19, 21, 22, 23, or 26. During the week we would start around 6:30, on Sunday we would start around 2:00.

3. What questions do you have? I'm asking for a list of questions up front so I can share these with Diane so she can be prepared, but this will also provide a way for me to share the answers to the questions with anyone who cannot attend (Pua and Shawna - this will hopefully still be helpful to you in this way).

If there is enough interest (at least myself and 3 others) we will meet. I will email everyone after I have heard back from each of you.

Kick Off to an Amazing New Year!

Happy New Year 2014! As of January 3 (in just a couple hours) I will have been part of the O2 team for 1 year and it has been great, but I hope 2014 leads to be even more amazing. This opportunity has lead to some really great things for my family so far. Yes, it has taken a little work, but I can easily tell you it has proven to be less work than I put into my full-time job. This section simply will share some of what I have been doing or plan to do to really get things going again.

I'm sure all of you have been reading your O2 Update, checking out the details in our Origami Owl Lounge, and reading the details from Nicki Shumway. All of these areas are giving great ways to help you kick-off your business to an amazing year and include new products, Shumway Sparkler's, incentives, and training opportunities. If you have not read over some of this information in the last week you might want to, very beneficial.

Here is what I'm doing to get things going in the new year:

New Customers: Since you have joined or maybe before you joined did you have people see your locket and ask questions or maybe tell you they loved it? Well from now on every time I run into someone who does this I will hand them a business card and if time permits ask them for their name email so I can contact them with product information.

Do you have a group of friends or family who have not yet been introduced to Origami Owl yet? If so host your own Jewelry Bar. You can either use the hostess rewards to increase your stock, purchase something for yourself, or offer an incentive of maybe a random $50 gift certificate to anyone who books a jewelry bar off of your party or places an order. Not sure how to make this work, ask me. I did this and November and December and was thrilled with the results!

Current Customers: Did you know in our back office if you go to Tools, then Contact Manager, put a check in the box next to "Name" you can export your current customers addresses to Excel and then do a mail merge to mailing labels. Hopefully in the future we can merge it directly to Address Labels, but for now that feature is not working for me and I like merging it to Excel. I can go in and more easily modify things as I want to before printing. You don't have to physically mail these, when you export this information you also get email addresses if you have entered these. You can use the email addresses to send a flyer from the back office letting them know about new products.

Inviting a New Designer: I have 2 people who have mentioned they would like to eventually join Origami Owl. I sent both the following message:

"Hello! I hope you had a great Christmas and start to your New Year as well! You had mentioned joining me with Origami Owl and I hope it will still workout for you to do so. I think you will be great at this. Let me know if you have any questions as you look to get started; you can reach me at 937-470-4657, by email, or send me a PM on Facebook. I look forward to hearing from you."

It is short and simply let them know I had not forgotten about them. (Unfortunately this newsletter isn't real short, but I do what you to know I have not forgotten about any of you, the last couple months have been very busy and the last couple weeks even busier! :) Here is our kick off to an amazing year as I look forward to working with all of you.)