Excursion along the canal in winter

Frozen water is not reason to forget about the excursions along the rivers and canals! We offer you a hiking trail along the Kryukov Canal! Its small length and our experienced guides won't let you freeze!

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Why will it be interesting for you?

Find out more about Saint-Petersburg history

Artificial canals appeared in Sain-petersburg in the early 18th century to protect the city from the terrible floods.

The Emperor Peter the Great appreciated Mr. Kryukov's professionalism and his golden hands, and promised him that when the channel would be completed, it would have the name of its creator.

Listen to mysterious legend about dungeon under the canal

In the 19th century a part of the Kryukov Canal was covered and enclosed in a tube. As time went by none could remember about that. But in 1912 suddenly the ground located on the duct fell into the dungeon...

Wonder how the short canal, length a little more than one kilometer, owns six bridges

Enjoy the view of the monuments of architecture

  • You can enter into beautiful St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral, dating back to 1753-1762 years. The cathedral has huge scale and size, it reaches a capacity of five thousand people.
  • You can see Mariinsky Theatre which amazes its solemnity and sophistication at the same time
  • In many of the houses on the embankment of the Kryukov Canal lived famous people: a great conductor of Mariinsky Theatre Mr. Napravnik, which often was visited by Mr.Rimsky-Korsakov, Mr.Tchaikovsky and Mr.Mussorgsky, nearly lived Mr. Chaliapin, there also was the literary center of St. Petersburg.
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