Literary terms

By: Candace Biggurs

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Rising action

Author purpose


mood.a state of mind or feeling

Simile. a comparison between two thing or ideas us like or as

Metaphor. a comparison between two thing or ideas not using like or as

Setting.The background against which action takes place

Flashback.A reference to an earlier event

Tone.The writer’s attitude or feeling toward a person, a thing, a

place, an event, or a situation.



Idiom.An accepted phrase or expression having a meaning different from the literal

Personification.Writing that gives animals, inanimate objects, or abstract

ideas human characteristics

Theme.a central message or insight into life revealed through literary work.

may be used for either serious or comic effect or for emphasis

Pun.A play on words that are identical or similar in sound but have sharply different meanings; puns can have serious as well as humorous uses

Character VS. Self.When a character must make a decision about a problem or struggle he is having within himself

Rising action.a related series of incidents in a literary plot that build toward the point of greatest interest.



At lunch he spoke insolently to his father, spilled his baby sister’s milk, and remarked that his teacher said we were not to take the name of the Lord in vain.

The boy is very mad at something so he is taking it out on his family members.



The pipes were frozen again, there was no water in the house, but I washed my socks and shirt every night. I'd get a pot, and go over to Mister Ben's grocery store, and stick my pot down into his soda machine and scoop out some chopped ice. By evening the ice melted to water for washing. I got sick a lot that winter because the fire would go out at night before the clothes were dry. In the morning I'd put them on, wet or dry, because they were the only clothes I had.

This is explaining how the boiler boy lived in how he have to get his clothes clean because it was his only ones.



Helene was sitting in that classroom when I learned to be ashamed of myself.

It was on a Thursday. I was sitting in the back of the room, in a seat with a chalk circle drawn around it. The idiot's seat, the troublemaker's seat.

He was talking about a time from when he was younger which was a flashback .


Story:the dinner party

The twenty people sit like stone images while he counts.

They want to say the author of course that they're sitting so still that they can be still


Story:tell tale heart

Yes he was stone, stone dead.”

Nobody can really be stone dead he was just comparing him to a stone



I had a test today. I think I faled it and I think mabye now they wont us me

The writer is explaining how he is discouraged about the test that he took.


Story: tell tale heart

I chose this story because the man is both the antagonist and the protagonist.He is indeed "fighting" his inner self Knowing what he is about to do is slowly but surely eating him alive the guilt is building up inside of him. Finally he "defeats" himself and confesses the truth



In the story you are slowly pictures not a boy who only has one pair of clothes,who is a negro and who does not have very good living conditions


"Then the breeze caught them and lifted them off"

A breeze can not physically catch something


Story:tell tale heart

Hearken,how healthily how calmly

This is using the letter"h" many times



I think the theme of the story is people change but sometimes they don't change all the way because in the story Charles was sometimes good and other times bad.

Rising action

Story:tell tale heart

The man waits seven night before he decides to kill the old man

Author purpose


The author wants people to see that disable people can be smart and do thing that we can and are capable to do great


Tell tale heart

When the man was watching the old man waiting for him to move was creating Supsense

My stories

Tell tale heart by Edgar Allen Poe

Shame by dick Gregory

Charles by Shirley Jackson

The dinner party by Mona Gardener

The lottery by Shirley Jackson