February 2015

Mr. H's Class

Report Cards FAQ

Why are some of the 2nd 9 weeks skills left unchecked?

While all of the skills listed on the report card have been introduced in this 9 weeks period have been introduced, we try to make sure students have been given ample opportunity for mastery. If a skill has neither a check, nor a circle, we feel that the student needs to be given more time to practice before it can be accurately assessed.

Why do we use a skills-based report card?

We have chosen to pilot a skills-based report card for third grade to give you more information. Instead of trying to figure out exactly what that 85 means, you now know what academic skills your child is struggling in and what personal skills (organization, quality work, etc.) might be holding your child up.

My child missed a skill on the benchmark, but it was marked for mastery on the report card. What gives, Mr. H?

The district benchmark is one measure we use to determine mastery, but solving a problem in the real world is a different skill than being able to decipher a multi-step story problem. We also rely data from observations, projects, and hands on situations to see if a child can perform the skill.

Important Events


There will be no school on February 2nd and 3rd! Teachers will be attending Leander ISD's annual Continuous Improvement Conference to learn the latest tools and strategies to better serve your children.

Zach Scott Theater Field Trip

On Friday, February 6th we will be going on a field trip to see The Six Seasons at the Zach Scott theater as part of our science unit. The show will be followed by lunch and outdoor activities at Zilker Park. Unfortunately, due to limited seating, parents will not be able to attend the show with us, but may join us for lunch afterwards. Look in your child's Wednesday folder for more info.

Puppeteers transform miniature landscapes to demonstrate the effects of drought, flood, and melting ice caps on the earth’s human and animal inhabitants. A hopeful, innovative play for ages 7 and up.

Valentine's Day Parties

Valentine's Day parties will be in the afternoon on Friday, February 13th.

Spring Picture Day

February 26th!

STAAR Challenge Question

Attention parents: Can you answer this question from last year's STAAR math test? No calculators! If you have any questions or comments on this test, please contact your state representative! Tony.Dale@house.state.tx.us
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The Leader in Me

Follow the link below to find out more about how we are becoming leaders every day! Try asking you child what they know about the 7 habits!